How do we predict JEE MAIN Rank?

You must have wondered “How Resonance predict rank given only expected JEE Main marks and Board Percentage?” or “How Resonance predicted rank is close to the actual ranks?” Well the answer is simple. We follow the same methodology as followed by CBSE. Confused how can we do that? Let’s see how?

  • You give us JEE Main expected marks. Let’s call it ‘x’. As illustration, let this x be 250.
  • You give us Board Percentage. Let this percentage be 90.

Now, as we have a data of percentages of tens of thousands of students of 2014, we calculate your expected percentile score based on this data. For eg, if we have 10000 students data and student who got 90% has 9500 students below him, your percentile becomes 95. Remember this percentile is the most important one.

Now we also have JEE Main scores of tens of thousands of students. We do the following:

  • Suppose we have 10000 students of whom we have JEE Mains marks of previous year. We arrange them in decreasing order and see the marks of a student who has 9500 students below him (seeing the same percentile score). We take the numbers of this student and call it “y”. In our example, let it be 100.
  • Next, we repeat the above exercise but this time only with students having same board as you. For eg, we take all students of CBSE (if your board is CBSE) and arrange their JEE Mains marks. Next, we see the marks of a student who has 95% students below him. We take the numbers of this student and call it “z”. In our example, let it be 120.

As per CBSE guidelines, the normalized score becomes:

N = 0.6*x + 0.4*(y + z)/2

In our example with x = 250, y = 100 and z = 120, this value becomes

N = 172

This is the final score based on which your rank will be calculated. Guess what, we have the range for this data too. For example, If, in 2014, the rank corresponding to this score is 11500, we report 10001 to 12500.

Now that you know how do we predict your ranks, why don’t you give it a shot by clicking here?


  1. This year (2015) the level of the paper was a bit tough than last time.. Then would the actual rank be somewhat better than what you predict? And also would your predictor work for Andhra pradesh or telangana board people too?


  2. Thank you! But how much does CBSE board differ from Andhra board? For eg im from andhra board and i got 96% in it.. using ur predictor i have seem to get a rank of around 14000.. But how much would this vary considering that i have entered andhra board marks instead of CBSE? Is 96% a good percent in CBSE?


  3. How do u know that for droppers percentile used for their board exams are same as off their pervious year.That’s not mention in jee mains brochure.?

    And please let me know that my jee mains score is 142 and cbse Board percentage is 93.6% . Whats my expected rank in jee mains 2015.
    (Considering the fact that cut marks is dropped by 10 )?
    please answer as soon as possible


  4. Sir..can there be any error in valuation of omr sheet…
    I lost about 10 marks from the result that I calculated with final official answer key
    Can anything be done….pls do reply…thanks


  5. Sir the rank which you predict and the rank shown by other websites vary a lot… Ur predictor shows a better rank every time. The difference shown by ur and other websites rank is more than 3000 ranks difference. Do u think we can rely on the rank shown by ur predictor?


  6. Sir, what does “General” mean which the predictor shows within a bracket alongside the predicted rank, I am confused whether the predicted rank is ALL INDIA GENERAL CATEGORY RANK OR ALL INDIA OVERALL RANK?As all the NITs use All India overall rank for counselling.Please reply sir.


  7. Sir i got 89.60% in CBSE board last year and 58 marks (category-SC) in jee main this year. Is there any chance of getting any branch in NIT Silchar (Home State) as per my category? Moreover sir what would be my predicted rank (Both AIR & SC rank)?


  8. Dear Sir :

    Have you updated your JEE Main Rank Predictor, to incorporate the actual trend of results in the (i) 2015 CBSE Class 12 exams, and (ii) JEE Main 2015? Or does it reflect the trends as per last year’s scores in both the exams?


  9. Sir my Category is OBC NCL, Your rank predictor shows a rank of 25k-28k in OBC and 90k-99k in General. I gave my JEE-Mains and Boards from Rajasthan , but am a permanent resident of Assam, What will be my home state ? Also, if i want to Study in NIT Silchar(Assam), what category rank will be conisdered ?? the general one or OBC one??


  10. I was a student of Resonance (2014-15) batch (KTJRR8). My scores are 169 in JEE (mains) and 88.2 % in Rajasthan board. Taking account the past 2 years data corresponding to my case, In what range should I expect my rank to be ? (Category : General).
    It’ll help a lot.


  11. I got 92% from pseb board so my percentile is 99-100% and i got 103 in jee main 2015 when i put my percentage in rank predictor it gives rank 35000-40000 when i put as 98%(as a cbse student has such percentile ) it gives me rank 4000-5000 which rank should i expect


  12. according to your predictor am getting 63382-75182 rank. as u mentioned above that there would be only 10%-15% error. so can i trust your calculations to be around these rank,because now i have started seeing cutoffs for various nit’s of last year. if i could know the range of the rank it would be much better


  13. Respected Sir
    Your AIR is next to accurate.I dropped this time with the hope of doing better next time.As yours is the only institute to provide best guidance for jee I hope to have the same from you.I now donot want to do any classroom coaching.I want you clear my concept and also I want printed study materials with maximum problems which have solution also.Can you provide me such type of study materials ? My intention is take jee adv next year.In CBSE I obtained 93.6% in PCM and overall percentage was 93.2.
    Thank you,
    Swapnanil Das


  14. I am a student of resonance (15115352). I got 151 marks(gen) in mains and 93.6% in boards approx 95.6 percentile. Your 2016 portal predicts the rank as 29k to 35k while your 2015 portal with same details provide approx 19k to 25k . What is the reason for this broad change? Which can be your final suggestion regarding to my rank.
    I hope you reply this as fast as possible, as I am in need of your help.
    yours truly
    Swapnil Sourabh


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