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How useful talent hunt exams are?

How useful talent hunt exams are?


Talent Hunt Exams are a great tool to find the hidden talents in the students and show appreciation for the talents they possess. These types of exams provide an opportunity for students to make a fair assessment about themselves on a scale much larger than their school periphery hence providing insight into their true potential. Many Non-Profit Organizations, Olympiads Organizers, and Private Institutions regularly hold varied types of talent hunt exams which help classify the individual subject strength or the overall potential of the students in the academic space. This text lists the major reasons why a student should appear for a talent hunt exam or why the parents must enrol their children in a reputed talent search exam.

Resonance has also been conducting STaRT (Student Talent Reward Test) as a mechanism to discover, reward & nurture the latent talent of the students. Participants eligible for the exam include students currently studying in Classes 6th to 12th (All Streams).


The defining trait of a Talent Hunt Exam must not only be to award the top performers rather such an exam must encourage & unearth the hidden talent on a mass level. Hence, along with the merit based ranks, students who score above a certain predetermined criterion must also be able to access the rewards. STaRT offers Scholarships to the students who perform well by providing a valuable deduction in the tuition fee in their respective Resonance Classroom/Online Courses for Academic session 2023- 24. In fact, in STaRT, the total number of students eligible for scholarships is 20000+ and the total scholarships are worth Rs. 60 Crores. 

State/National Level Recognition

Along with the rewards that are assured by the organization conducting the talent hunt, the scope of the exam also functions as a recognized standard for a student’s success. Passing the exam with merit or securing a rank among the top spots is a matter of prestige as the ranking is recognized at the City, State and National level. To be sure, STaRT, conceptualized by Resonance, is a pioneering exam amongst all the coaching institutes, wherein testing and assessment of academic proficiency are done at a national level. 

Alongside students, in STaRT, schools that participate in the process are also accredited with an appreciation for their student’s success. The students are identified by the mark of the school they belong to, hence bringing value to the institution. Associates, Principals, and Coordinators involved in this exam are also recognized and accorded. Coaching Centres & other Network Partners involved are also granted a national level recognition, helping the students to display their skills on a bigger scale. 

National Benchmarking and Positive Positioning

Talent Hunt exams help the students to get exposed to a wider range of academic topics which transcend the limits set by their educational institutions. This allows them to compare and understand where they stand on the national ladder against other students in the same grade. This benchmarking allows them to get in sync with today’s educational standards and prepare themselves accordingly for the future.

Such positioning is also advantageous for the schools as it enhances their image as a competitive academic institution and allows them to benchmark their school against others. It helps them to form an illustrious image when their students stand on a Pan-India platform and are rewarded with national recognition. They are also eligible for more rewards as per the performance of their participating students.

Scholarships to assist future academics

One way to secure financial assistance for future education is to sit for talent hunt exams (which usually provide scholarships and financial assistance for the future educational requirements of the students). These scholarships are especially helpful for shaping the path of the students in academics while also looking great on their resumes / CVs. Scholarships from reputed educational institutions are especially held in high regard as the sheer geographical span / scope of the talent hunt is the proof of a student’s merit.

STaRT also provides scholarships for students with the condition that students need to score a minimum of 20% in Stage 2. Students who pass with merit are accorded a scholarship discount accordingly with a maximum of 90% off on the tuition fee at Resonance Kota. Based on the ranks of the students, those who rank among the top 50 are granted a 90% scholarship. Rank holders from 51 to 200 are accorded 75% of scholarship, students in the ranks of 201-500, 501-1000, 10001-2000 are granted a scholarship of 60%, 40%, and 25% respectively. 

Additionally, every student who is declared qualified for Stage 1- to Stage -2 will be offered a 10% Scholarship in all Year Long Classroom Contact Programmes of Resonance in Academic Session 2023-24.


One way to surely pave your path to a worry-free academic opportunity (with the lessened economic burden) is to sit for talent hunt exams. Here, you can let your skill and talents speak for themselves, hence granting you honour and recognition. So next time you are wondering about sitting for a talent hunt exam, just do it! 

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