JEE Advanced Syllabus 2019 Physics


Unit 1 – Algebra: Quadratic Equations; Complex Numbers; Sequence and Series; Logarithms; Probability; Matrices and Determinants; Binomial Theorem; Permutation and Combination.

Unit 2 – Trigonometry: Trigonometric and Inverse Trigonometric Functions.

Unit 3 – Vectors: Properties of Vectors.

Unit 4 – Differential Calculus: Functions; Derivatives; Limits; Continuity;

Unit 5 – Integral Calculus: Differential Equations; Integration and its application;

Unit 6 – Analytical Geometry: 3 Dimensional Geometry; 2 Dimensional Geometry.


Unit 1 – General Physics: Units and Dimensions; Experimental Analysis.

Unit 2 – Mechanics: Laws of Motion; Kinematics; Systems of Particles; Gravitation; Harmonic Waves; Waves; Pressure in Fluids; Thermal Physics; Inertia; Momentum.

Unit 3 – Electricity and Magnetism: Magnetic Fields; Electric Fields; Electric Current; Capacitance; Electromagnetic Induction.

Unit 4 – Optics: Reflection; Refraction; Wave Nature of Light.

Unit 5 – Modern Physics: Atoms and Nuclei


Physical Chemistry: Basic Concepts; Energetics; Solutions; Nuclear Chemistry; Surface Chemistry; Chemical Bonding; States of Matter; Electrochemistry; Chemical Equilibrium; Solid State; Atomic Structure; Chemical Kinetics.

Inorganic Chemistry: Ores; Minerals; Transition Elements; Extractive Metallurgy; Properties of Non-Metals; Qualitative Analysis; Preparation of Non-Metals; Preparation of Compounds; Properties of Compounds.

Organic Chemistry: Basic Concepts; Properties, Reactions and Preparation of Alkynes; Properties, Reactions and Preparation of Alkenes; Reactions of Benzene; Alcohols; Aldehydes and Ketones; Alkyl Halides; Phenols; Ethers; Carboxylic Acids; Carbohydrate; Haloarenes; Practical Organic Chemistry; Amino Acids and Peptides; Properties and Uses of Polymers.