ResoMATCH – JEE (Main) Jan Attempt 2019

Power of Resonance Study Material

This is an analysis of all questions which appeared in all Papers in 8 Shifts of JEE (Main) 2019 January Attempt. Each question is compared against all questions appearing in study material of Resonance especially designed for JEE (Main) Courses.
Study Material Compared
Practice Sheets: Practice sheets are topic wise booklets containing theory and exercises given to all students
Daily Practice Problem (DPP) Sheet: DPP are also prepared topic wise and distributed to all students.
Test Papers: All tests like Part Tests, Cumulative Tests, JEE (Main) and JEE (Adv) pattern tests conducted in Resonance during the course duration are considered for this matching exercise.
Type of Matching
Same Problem: The exact match of question appearing in Examination and Resonance Study Material

Same problem but different values: Both questions are exactly same only values were different in JEE (Main) 2017 and Resonance Study Material.
Same Concept Application: The problem in JEE (Main) and study material were similar in concept and application but were not exactly same.
Important Highlights

  1. We see that 635 out of total 720 (88.2%) questions appearing in JEE (Main) 2019 January attempt were already part of Resonance Study Material.
  2. 15 Questions (2.1%) were exact same to what was available in study material.
  3. 58 Questions (8.1%) were also same questions from our study material but with different values.
  4. In Physics all questions were matched with our study material.
  5. Most questions were from our sheets, which is the most used study material, followed by test papers.
  6. In Chemistry, one question was matched thrice in our study material and 38 Questions were matched twice from sources.

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