Govt to give free coaching for students preparing for IIT-JEE, NEET

Private coaching centres charge a huge sum for preparing students for entrance exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, and UGC-NET. But now the government is planning to coach students for free. The plan is to convert about 2,600 test practising centres of the National Testing Agency (NTA), a testing organisation to conduct entrance examinations for admission in higher educational institutions, into teaching centres where students will get free coaching from May 2019.

The government will start mock test sessions at these NTA centres as early as September 8 but teaching classes will likely start from May 2019. This would certainly hurt the business of private coaching centres mushrooming across the country. However, the scheme would also attract more students who are planning to appear for these highly competitive exams to avail this coaching.

“The plan is to take these centres beyond just practice tests and turn them into teaching centres. They will not charge any fees and so will be especially helpful for talented students from sections where aspirations are high but private coaching is impossible due to financial constraints,” Times of India quoted an HRD official as saying.

The scheme would immensely help those from rural areas. As per the plan, candidates will first be allowed to take mock tests for these exams this year, while teaching sessions will start next year.

Those who wish to avail the free mock test facility will have to register on NTA’s mobile app or website, which will be launched on September 1. Students can register for these sessions at their nearest test centre till September 30. They can choose test slots at nearest centres in their area. They will also get expert help in analysing their tests, which will help them improve their score. A ministry official said that initially mock tests will be held for JEE mains only but later the scheme would be rolled out for other competitive exams as well.

Source : businesstoday


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