JEE, NEET 2019: Unique question paper for each candidate; what would be the effects and benefits?

After the decision of conducting the JEE, NEET twice a year, the National Testing Agency has introduced a new element of providing a unique set of questions to each candidate in JEE, NEET exams from next year.

How the concept of unique paper in JEE/NEET 2019 will affect the system?

Some of the stakeholders are claiming this decision to be a little challenging as it would lead to the following discrepancies:

  • Different level of questions in each paper might lead to creating a sense of ‘lack of equal opportunity’ between the candidates.
  • It will be obvious that some candidates might develop a feeling that the paper given to other candidate was easier than his own.

However, there are many who find this change to be on the positive side as it might improve the students’ grades and reduce the chances of paper leak.

JEE/NEET 2019: Free Practice Centres for Students

After analysing the concept of different questions paper for each candidate in NEET, JEE 2019, we came across the following points that will be in interest of the good results in both the exams:

  • Students will have to stop relying on previous year question papers and go thoroughly through the syllabus to make sure that they score well. This will strengthen their basics, which will strengthen the research sector in Medicine and Engineering.
  • Chances of question paper leak will get diminished. With a number of different questions prepared for each candidate, it will be much difficult to know that who will get what questions.
  • Students will focus more on their exam instead of cheating because they will have a different set of questions.
  • The whole system will be hacking proof.

Some other prominent changes introduced in JEE Main/NEET 2019 are:

  • Candidate will be provided an option of multiple dates for appearing in the exams out of which they will be required to choose a date according to their choice.
  • Candidates will be allowed to change their exam date and centre within a test period in case the test date clashes with something important.
  • In case a student is unhappy with the score, he/she will be able to apply for the exam again that will be conducted after three months of the first attempt.
  • Best of the candidate’s scores in two attempts will be considered while deciding the rank.

The National Testing Agency (NTA) will conduct JEE Main and NEET twice a year in fully computer based test mode. Students can appear for JEE Main in January and April, while for NEET in February and May.

Source : jagranjosh

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