This has been disturbing my mind for quite a long time and with the recent declaration of the merit list of NEET UG by our state, i can wait no longer to bring out my concern to public attention.

First of all, to all the medical aspirants who made it this year, a very big congratulations, your hardwork and dedication paid off.

Ever since the states stopped conducting medical exams(2016), there is now only one common exam for all the medical aspirants i.e NEET UG in the country.

Having got through the medical exam i.e NSEE (ours was the last batch to give the exam), by God’s grace, I got my seat in the heart of the country. Now, far away from home, I got to experience a new life, new to everything and exposed to the competition outside the state which had been an eye opening experience for me. Having friends from other northeast states as well as the mainland friends, we would often enquire and learn about each other’s culture and be updated with what is happening in each of our states.

The most awaited time finally arrived, the NEET UG result, I was curious about how our state as well as the other northeast states performed this year.

The highest mark scored by our state was 371 which is quite good. When I asked my Arunachali friend about their state performance and came across their result, it had me to think deep. Around 15 students scored 400+ and many scored 300+. I also learned that all the schools in Arunachal are CBSE based. Apart from Arunachal Pradesh, other northeast states are performing really well! Our state’s score exceeding 300 was only one. It’s not easy to score even 200 and I appreciate all who made it. But the competition outside our state is quite high. In terms of competition, our state is really very poor.

Now, coming back to what I have to say, I would like all the readers to think about it. Having been studied in nagaland board of school education(NBSE) till my twelfth, there’s a lot of challenges that I myself have faced in terms of medical exam. This has been kitchen’s talk. I’m not discouraging students from the NBSE board. Every board has its pros and cons and our state board like any other has its pros and cons, but recently I feel the impact of cons is weighing more than it’s pros.

In comparison to other boards, CBSE in particular, as the NEET UG exam is conducted following the CBSE course, our board is lagging behind. As a concerned citizen and a medical student in particular, having experienced the education system of the state, I would like to express my opinion with interest to the NEET UG.

As I was writing about the textbooks that our board had been using , I came to light that this year, the present class eleven has started using NCERT books which is being used by the CBSE board. I appreciate the changes that has been made in the textbooks.

About the books that we used until this year: the syllabuses were the same but the books were not as efficient as the NCERT books.

Coming back to biology, the questions for NEET UG are solely from NCERT text book (CBSE). Our past textbook (NBSE) was quite thick with no head or tail. It’s of a high standard book but it was at the same time not at all productive for NEET aspirants. It’s a big “No” for NEET preparation. To make it in biology, mastering NCERT is more than enough. It is precise and clear.

I appreciate the board for looking into the books provided, after all, in the end, it is the NEET UG exam the students will be facing. Till the last moment, our students had to study the thick biology book for board exam and in the end just when only a month was left for NEET exam, shifted to NCERT book, which the other students from CBSE board had been mastering in their eleventh and twelfth classes.

Our board focuses more on quantity rather than quality. The conceptual building up of the students is a must. Our board demands quantity to score good marks rather than focusing on questions that build up a student’s concept.
In physics, the majority of the questions are solving the derivations rather than using the derivations into solving conceptual questions.

Due to poor performance of our students in NEET UG, we are deprived of the 15% seats under all India quota which is open to all. Our students are unable to reach that level of availing seats under centralised counselling . The seats that our students are availing is under the 85% seats which the Govt. Of India has for the states.

Maybe, it’s time our board make changes to the way it’s being run, compare the quality of the questions being asked by other boards and henceforth make necessary changes for the betterment of the student’s future.

On my survey, the toppers of our state board don’t seem to be doing well in the NEET exam. Freshers qualifying the exam are few. The question arises here: where is the quality? The NEET exam demands quality, is our state producing qualities?

What about the students, 
are we trying?

Our students are not aware of how the students from other parts of the country are working hard day and night to make it through the exam. Not aware of which books to study, when to start preparing?

I’m not against our state board but I really feel our state board should also take the step in bringing the change. I hope we don’t remain blinded to the arising competition.

It’s high time for the board also to be aware of the present scenario and try to dig out the reason behind the poor performance by our state and make changes for the betterment of our students who holds the future.

The students at the same time, since I’m focusing on NEET, I would like to encourage the NEET aspirants not to repeat the mistakes we made in the past by being “UNAWARE”. If you really want to do well, start your preparation from now on, while you still have time. Clear your concepts well. Focus on quality. It’s not easy but it’s not impossible. I’ve seen it, experienced it and by it I say, Nagas are no less. We have the potential but the preparation is missing, the determination is missing. This is your time! Don’t miss it! Enjoy at the same time, focus on your goal.

source: Morung Express

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