NTA To Now Conduct JEE Advanced & NEET Exam Twice A Year | Know Why

Recently, the JEE Advanced 2018, as well as the NEET 2018 results, were declared for all the aspirants who took the competitive examinations. Now, as the results have been released, the students are now focusing on the admission procedure for different courses and degrees.  These competitive exams are taken by a large number of people each year by not each one gets a reliable score for admissions.

These competitive exams do not promise a good result to all the students but this is to notify that the students should not lose hope as the NEET 2018 as well as the JEE Advanced 2018 Exam shall be conducted once again by the National Testing Agency (NTA) tentatively in the month of December 2018.

NTA To Conduct NEET 2018 & JEE Advanced 2018 Again 

National Testing Agency (NTA) is the conducting agency for the JEE as well as the NEET 2018 Exam soon. The nod in order to conduct the JEE/NEET 2018 Exams again was extended by the Union Cabinet. Also, the budget in order to conduct the JEE/NEET 2018 Exam had also been announced by the Finance Ministry since last year in 2017.

The National Testing Agency (NTA) is a part of the one point agency for the centre which is known to conduct the different kinds of competitive examinations. As far as now, the CBSE used to conduct the JEE/NEET 2018 Exam but after the formation of the National Testing Agency (NTA) the JEE Advanced 2018 Exam is to be conducted two times in a year.

IIT Kanpur To Design Question Papers Again 

IIT Kanpur which was the organising body for the JEE Advanced 2018 Exam, has been asked once again in order to prepare the question papers in order to conduct the JEE Advanced 2018 in the month of December 2018. This is a golden opportunity which is being extended to the students by the NTA and should be given a proper try to excel in the exams.

There are many sources which have revealed that the agency should include people which are from the private sectors which include the experts in various subjects as well as fields like IT as well. Also, one should make sure that the test should be conducted online in a proper and a systematic manner.

Source : chandigarhmetro

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