BITSAT 2018: Debrup Mandal’s success mantra for BITSAT

BITSAT 2018Examinations have started and we have interacted with Debrup Mandal to know how he has scored a decent score of 322 in BITSAT.
His main focus was only on JEE and his motivation to appear for JEE was he wanted to do something better and make his parents happy. With the same preparation he has given the BITSAT examination.

He was able to crack AIR 1674 in the JEE mains examination with strong determination. Some of the factors which helped him to get a good JEE rank and BITSAT score are:

Getting basic concepts right:
Even if you have just 3 months and have your basics right then with proper planning and strategy you can win over many of your competitors. If you want to improve your rank for a decent college then strategy and planning is the key.

Extensive mock test preparation:
In the last two months he used to practice 2-3 full length mock tests a week and he has revised them after giving the examination everyday.

He has maintained a log book where he used to note all the problems that he has done wrong. This has helped him a lot during the revision in last 15 days.

Due to this reason only he felt all the sections were easy in the BITSAT examination.

Managing pressure in last 2 months and during the examination:
In the last two months, he managed pressure by spending time with my family members.This helped him to get relieved from all the tensions.
Have a healthy lifestyle, it boosts confidence and will power which are a must in such papers.

Source: The Times of India

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