JEE Advanced 2018: New component stumps IIT aspirants

In an attempt to ensure good quality of students enter their premier institutes, the IITs upped their game this year. JEE (Advanced) 2018 stumped thousands of aspirants on Sunday with the IITs introducing a major component on non – MCQs (multiple choice questions also termed as numerical-answer type questions) in the question papers – paper I and paper II. In almost 45% of the 54 questions in each of the paper, students had to arrive at a numerical value and no range was provided.
Last year, section 2 in each of the three subjects in paper-I had five questions which had a single-digit integer ranging from 0-9, as answer. This year, section 2 in each of the three subjects in paper I and II had answers in numerical values – with no range. And students were told that they had to enter the correct numerical value (in decimal notation, rounded off to second decimal place, eg 6.25, 7.00,-127.30, 30.27). While last year the integer-type questions were only 15 in numbers, this year the similar set were 48 of the 108 questions.

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“The IITs did not give a limited range which helped students to cross-check their answers. Last year, the numerical values were supposed to be between 0-9. So, if students got anything other than these 10 digits, they re-calculated to get the right answer. This year, answers could have been in negative too. The Quality of questions were definitely better than the previous years,” said Aditya Singh, one of the aspirants. Since he was prepared for such questions he found the paper to be moderately difficult and was not baffled, like many others, he added.

 Another aspirant Bhaskar Gupta said, “The questions which did not have multiple choices were also more in numbers. Mathematics was particularly tougher than physics and chemistry. The questions were not difficult, but the calculations were lengthier. The paper was tougher compared to 2017.”

A JEE (Advanced) official said, “Students should focus on the syllabus while preparation and not on the type of questions they will be asked. IITs are taking conscious efforts in the last few years to ensure good quality students are picked and not the ones who answer the questions by eliminating the wrong answers or by plain guess work. If the students are prepared well, they should be able to attempt any type of questions. We had to ensure a certain quality in the question paper is maintained.”

Source: Times of India

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