17,000 students skip IIT-JEE examination, many complain of complicated Maths-questions

Over 17,000 students skipped the JEE (Advanced) examination on Sunday, according to data released by organizing chairman professor Shalabh.

He revealed 7,326 aspirants skipped first paper and 9,731 did not appear for second one; bringing the total to 17,057.

The number of NRI students who took the exam was 36, as opposed to 109 in 2017.

In total 1,64,822 had registered for the examination.

Lengthy and complicated Mathematics questions upset students

Many aspirants were upset over the lengthy and complicated Mathematics paper. They did not attempt many questions in fear of negative marking.

Another lot of aspirants thought questions in Organic chemistry were lengthy. Most students were satisfied with Physics paper.

The students were asked to sit for the exam in strict dress code. Those who wore jewelry were made to remove it.

Paper 1 was of moderate difficulty, reported candidates

The immediate reactions to the paper was that it was moderate, but definitely not easy.

Maths was largely reported to be easy, while Physics was reported to be relatively difficult. Candidates also said that Chemistry was of moderate difficulty.

The answer keys for the JEE Advanced papers are expected to be out some time on May 29.

Paper 2 was significantly tougher and lengthier than Paper 1

Paper 2 had a similar format like Paper 1, but reportedly was significantly more tough and lengthy.

The Maths section in Paper 2 was the most difficult, while Physics and Chemistry were relatively easier.

Many students, however, complained that Paper 2 was quite lengthy, and several said that they hadn’t been able to finish on time.

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