Five ways to nail that seat

Pursuing engineering from IIT is a dream for millions of Indians. Speak to any IIT aspirant and they will tell you that IIT to them isn’t just a college, it’s an experience worth having. A home to smart ideas, hardworking brains, sophisticated infrastructure and highly educated professors, it is nothing less than a wonderland to young minds on a quest for knowledge with inquisitiveness to probe new. Then again, as they say, it’s easier said than done.

Tagged as one of the toughest examinations across the globe, JEE demands dedication and sacrifices, with students investing months and years on preparation. With the exams going online from this year, students find themselves in an unfamiliar territory. Just another step towards the dream for many, it requires a lot of smart planning, even though one has been training for it a while now.

The clock is ticking!

The complaint from the students of being unable to attend the questions due to lack of time has been constant. Despite perpetual reiteration on the need to manage time, many fail to do it. However, the issue is not just about time here. You should develop the ability to recognise questions that will take a major amount of your time to solve them and avoid attempting them first and park them for the end. So it is important to be familiar with the question pattern. Questions which are generally divided into single correct answer, integers and multiple correct answer should get priority instead of sequential solving. This will ensure that you are attending maximum number of questions.

Getting into the groove

Come May 20, three hours would decide the future of many students. Hence, it becomes even more important that your mind and brain are in sync and you are at the top of your game for those three hours. Along with studying, getting into the routine of test-taking and completing it in the stipulated amount of time everyday can get you acquainted with the upcoming exam. Making a routine of taking a mock test every day during 9:30-12:30 (tentative timings for all JEE exams) would definitely help you bring out the best.

Take a SWOT analysis

JEE Mains plays a significant role in identifying one’s strengths and weaknesses. Instead of being bogged down by weaknesses in the exam, it is advisable you take a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Strength) analysis and figure out the core area which needs practice from your end. For an exam which is as challenging as the JEE, discipline and practice is the key. Smartly make a routine of practising four-five chapters everyday and stick to it.

Make the right move

It has been seen that many students get stuck with a single question and lose time trying to solve it. It is important that students are quick and smart to take decisions on what to attempt and what to ignore. Not much time should be spent on reading comprehensive questions as they simply are abstracts from books. Understanding the questions and quickly solving them is the way to go. Instead of trying to solve all questions, students should focus more on attending questions which are in their comfort zone first.

Say hi to the online platform

With the structural revamp, the JEE is being conducted in the online platform. Although, complexity has been kept to the minimum, it is important to get accustomed to the online platform. Taking online mock tests can serve a lot of purposes like getting acclimatised to the format and understanding the usage. Every second is like gold dust; with just about two weeks for the exam, it is important students use the time smartly.

Source : thehindu

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