How to manage your time

Sometimes it happens that you have enough time to get things done, but something always comes up and then you fall behind in your study schedule. Perhaps, you find yourself unable to control your time. So what you can do to control how you spend it and better manage your time?

Time management is a choice; therefore make certain that you are spending your time effectively and go along with your study plans. Yes, it is not all that easy, but if you follow these simple tips you will be on your way to being the ultimate manager of your time.

  1. Know how you’re spending your time

The key to managing your time well is to understand where your time actually goes. You can track your time for one week and then analyze the results. You can write down on a paper what you did every hour of each day for a week, so you could visualize it.

  1. Plan ahead

On every weekend, take out some time to plan out your week ahead. Write down all what you want to accomplish in every study period. You can break up your study topics into manageable parts to increase your productivity and achieve your study goals. Also, try to study the most challenging topic first when your motivation is high.

  1. Set goals and rewards for yourself

When you get up each morning, set goals for yourself as to what you plan to accomplish that day. Set mini rewards for yourself for that day achievements; say, you have finished revising a difficult chapter, treat yourself.

  1. Avoid distracting study spots

You make sure to study in a distraction-free place and put your phone aside. Set aside specific times for checking your email and social media network- may be, right before or after lunch and at the end of the day. Refrain from checking your phone except during these allocated times. It will help you avoid social media breaks as you no longer can see your notifications- allowing you study effectively.

  1. Use realistic self-talk

Write down your excuse for procrastinating and replace it with a realistic thought- this will force you to think stay up and spend the majority of your time on your studies. You have to decide to work hard for your education.

  1. Keep in mind what’s motivating you

Ultimately, write down what is your biggest motivation. What you want to do? Why you want to do it? How will studying hard for your goals help your future aspirations? Use this to study more.

Resonance makes students learn and develop great study habits. Set up an appointment with your mentor to learn how to manage your time, get tips for solving problems, strategies for exams, and more.

All the best!

Team Resonance


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