10 Ways to Improve your Brain Power

Where is my spectacles? Where did I put my pen? What’s his name again? How often these types of memory issues have happened to you? We all face such issues from time to time, don’t we? And they can be annoying. However, in many cases, there are some techniques you can use to sharpen and improve your memory.

The theory of neuroplasticity says that human brain has power to adapt, change and improve. There are a number of different ways to improve your brain power, especially if you are willing to do some things consistently over a longer period of time. Let’s explore the ways that can support your brain health:

  1. Exercise

It’s no secret that exercise helps us in minimizing stress and staying fit. However, a new study says exercise is good for your brain, too. Regular exercise improves attention, memory and the brain’s ability to absorb new information.

Find the time to exercise regularly to have a long, healthy and productive life. Exercise not only benefits your brain health and cognition, it can also improve your memory, reduce anxiety and stress, and promote better sleep. In the long run, it can even protect your brain against degeneration.

  1. Meditate

Taking a mere 10 to 15 minutes out of your day to meditate could extend your cognitive longevity, helping you reduce your overall stress levels.

Studies show that practicing meditation can help you have a far better ability to focus, positive emotions, emotional stability, and engage in mindful behaviour. These traits don’t come simply from the act of daily meditation but from structural changes in the brain caused by meditation over time.

  1. Sleep well

Early mornings and late night studies, pressure and the stresses that come with tough competition, can have undesirable effects on your sleep patterns.

Sleep is essential to consolidate memory and learning. If you don’t get enough sleep, you will have less brain in your head. You must get 7-8 hours of sleep each night consistently so that your body rests and restores itself, subsequently increasing your mental and physical energy for the next day.

  1. Eat well

Your brain needs certain nutrients to stay at its peak performance. Get some protein such as eggs and lentils, healthy fats containing omega-3s such as walnuts and fish and complex carbohydrates such as whole grains and vegetables for your brain health.

Perhaps, you are rushing from school to coaching, studying hard for the huge competition and board exams as well, leaving yourself with very little or no time to eat well. You need to focus on getting the right kind of nutrition. Antioxidants and amino acids are particularly important. Vitamin E, nuts, whole grains, avocados, fruits and vegetables are good for the brain.

  1. Take frequent brain breaks

You can encourage your mind to wander and move your body to refresh your brain. Brain breaks could be in every 30 minutes or every hour depending on the difficulty of the topic at your hand. Take a walk outside or do some stretches in your room.

  1. Start your day with mind-calming activities

Your brain requires warm up or some mental preparation for a long day. You can do activities that bring your mind a sense of calm. It can be exercise, deep breathing, listening to music, or just letting your mind wander by doing a crossword puzzle or reading the newspaper.

  1. Limit multitasking

Multitasking diminishes mental productivity, elevates brain fatigue and increases stress. Block out information that is not important, it will help your brain function effectively. Also, a motivated brain builds faster and more robust neural connections. Identify your passions and learn more about them.

  1. Learn something new and play brain games

Read books, solve puzzles, learn a musical instrument, take up photography or learn a new language – that challenges your brain, stretches your creativity for improved brain power.

You can play brain games like cross word puzzle, word scrabble or chess. You can also take up a hobby that requires you to exercise your brain- for improved brain function.

  1. Do routine activities differently

Like the muscles, the brain needs constant challenges to grow. You can do a variety of activities; such as if you are right handed, try write with your left hand, eat your food with your left hand. It might be messy at first, but it reroutes those existing pathways, improving your brain power. The point is to keep your brain engaged in activities that are exciting and elevating; that’s the way to increase brain power.

  1. Socializing

Research studies state that life with fun and friends can be beneficial to thinking and memory. A healthy relationship, interacting with others is probably the best way to exercise the brain; relationships can stimulate not only our emotions but also the brain. For a healthy brain, you can volunteer, join a social club, or have friends you can count on for support.

All the best!

Team Resonance


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