Why you must Solve Sample Papers before Board Exams?

Board exam is a stepping stone for your magnificent future, and successful accomplishment of it takes you to another level. Moreover, good marks scored in exams act as a basis for scholarship. Both the board exams 10th and 12th have great significance in student’s education. 

With increasing competition, it becomes imperative that you put your best foot forward in preparing for your board exams and leave no stone unturned. Perhaps most of you are already much sincere about the exam and put great efforts and burn the midnight oil. It is always recommended to complete all the NCERT textbooks to excel these exams, however to get an upper edge and have a better insight, you must solve sample question papers. It gives you the confidence and necessary practice you actually need, enabling you complete your paper in due time on the final day.

Solving sample papers can be helpful in multiple ways. You must have the sample question papers practised before taking the final exam, as they help:

Familiarise you with the exam

When you start solving sample papers, you familiarise yourself with the exam pattern including the type of questions asked, how the questions are framed, marking scheme, and the time allotted for each section. It will help you figure out you important topics and the need of practice of selected chapters. The time you revise, you can focus your attention on those topics. 

Prepare you for the exam

To prepare for exams, you must have read the textbooks thoroughly, but practicing sample papers allow you use your knowledge and apply it correctly, mastering you in your subject. Since the sample question papers are designed on latest pattern of the CBSE guidelines which have a number of sample sets, which consist of different questions from different chapters in the course, it makes you easy to practice them and prepare yourself for the exam day effectively.

Assess yourself

Solving a sample paper is a great way to find out where you stand in the exam and measure your performance from time to time. You will see that certain formulae/concepts/themes reappear in every sample/previous year paper. Also, it helps you improve on your weaker areas.

Manage Time

Solving sample papers helps you figure out how much time you need on an average for solving a question. Writing sample papers in the 3 hours framework will help you identify the subtle nuances about your writing speed, comprehension, and problem-solving speed in an exam hall. Therefore, you can design your strategy for solving the paper in the way that can make certain that you attempt all questions and finish your paper timely, maximizing your score. Also, practising sample papers regularly helps you increase your speed.

Get rid of the exam fear

Many a times, it happens that student fails to write properly in exams, despite their sincere efforts. The exam fear causes the student to somewhat forget the facts and formulae, therefore, solving sample papers can help you by making you comfortable with the exam-pattern and the type of frequently-asked questions. Practicing the sample papers on the regular basis reduces your stress and anxiety about the exam as you know exactly what to expect from the paper on the exam day.

Nowadays there are many online sources from where you can get these materials, However, at Resonance, you can get a variety of sample papers on different subjects and very similar to those asked in the examinations especially for class X, XI, XII and entrance exams. Regular assessment by solving sample test papers helps the candidates to be better prepared for the final exam day.

All the best!

Team Resonance


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