Resonites shine again by securing Bronze at IMO 2017 and Silver at IPhO 2017

Congratulations India!!!

Our boys make India proud yet again. This year Resonance brings two medals for India in international Olympiads, a silver in IPhO and Bronze in IMO.

For the first time from Kota City, year 2017 has proved as special as Resonance has produced many historical results, adding glory to the name of Kota City. One of the Classroom students of Resonance, Kota Yash Sanjeev has received plaudits as he represented India in International Mathematical Olympiad 2017 at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and grabbed a Bronze Medal. This is first time from Kota City that someone represented India in IMO & secured a medal in IMO.

Pawan Goyal of Resonance, Kota has brought laurels to the country by grabbing a Silver medal in the 48th edition of the International Physics Olympiad in Jakarta, Indonesia. He achieved this milestone when he is merely in Class XIth. Pawan has a yearning interest in Physics and aimed of representing India in International Physics Olympiad since the time he acquired Gold Medal in IJSO in 2015. He stood at second rank in Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojna in 2016.

They have made the entire nation proud. They are our shining star. Well done and always shine on!


Team Resonance PCCP

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