Meet the wonderkid, Kalpit Veerwal from Udaipur for scoring cent percent marks in JEE mains

It is a record breaking result of JEE Mains, as a boy from Udaipur has scored 360/360 marks in the examination making him the first ever to achieve this feat. Kalpit hails from Udaipur in Rajasthan and topped the JEE mains with 100% marks conducted by the CBSE. Kalpit Veerwal joined Udaipur study centre of Resonance for his preparation. The cut off for this year to qualify for the JEE advance was 81%. Kalpit has topped the examination in General and Schedule caste category as well.

Kalpit belongs to a lower middle-class family where his mother Pushpa Veerwal is a government school teacher and his father, Pushkar lal Veerwal works as a compounder in Maharna Bhupal Govt hospital in Udaipur. Kalpit and his family are really happy with the result although Kalpit is not celebrating it much as he wants to focus on JEE Advance exams to be conducted next month. The 17-year-old has not only shown his intelligence for the first time, in fact, he has been the topper of National talent search examination and Indian Junior Science Olympiad as well.

Sharing his success mantra, Kalpit said to the portals that he did not study for long hours but followed a strict schedule of 4-5 hours of study daily. His secret lies in concentration on class teaching and referring to the notes provided by his teachers. He regularly attended all the classes and kept his confidence high. He used to clear all his queries and doubts with his teachers to remain clear on his concepts. He thanked his teachers and parents for the immense support during this period and never expected to achieve this much score in JEE Mains. Kalpit was a student of Resonance Coaching institute in Udaipur. He joined the coaching institute in the 8th class itself. He appeared for his 12th externally from MDS Public School for which results are yet to be announced. CBSE chairmen RK Chaturvedi himself called Kalpit to congratulate and broke the news to him in the morning.

Kalpit also stated that he did not waste time on social networking sites instead made smart use of his mobile phone in searching for relevant info for his examination. Resonance’ s director RK Verma showcased his gratitude and pleasure over Kalpit’s success and that he had brought immense happiness and satisfaction for the coaching institute. Kalpit has not made any future plans pertaining to which career he wants to choose but he wants to pursue Computer Science from IIT Mumbai.

The examination of JEE Mains was held on 2nd April. Around 10.2 lakh aspirants sat for the examination out of which 2.2 lakh has qualified for JEE Advance examination to be held on 21st May.

Source: Standyou

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