IESO 2016 Registration started. Check here for Application Process, Exam Stages, Syllabus, Last year papers, Sample papers etc.

Entrance Test for IESO 2016

The Geological Society of India will be conducting an objective-type Entrance Test (ET) to select about 20 students to attend a Training Camp in Earth Sciences during the summer of 2016. Four students will be finally chosen from among the Training Camp participants who will represent India at the 10th International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO) , to be held in Japan.

Application form and Syllabus

Test Details:

Duration : 90 minutes
Language : English
Type of questions: Multiple-choice questions.
Syllabus available at : Syllabus.pdf
Test Centres : Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Imphal, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Manipur, New Delhi, Orissa, Punjab & Haryana, Rajasthan,Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh.
Eligibility : Students of IX, X,XI & XII (in September 2016) who were born after 01-07-1997
Last date to receive application: January 10, 2016
Certificates and Awards : The 20 students selected for the Training Camp will be awarded Certificates of Participation. The four students selected for the IESO will be awarded Certificates of Merit and Cash Prizes (Rs. 5,000/- each).

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Click Here Past Entrance Exam Question Papers

Sample Questions and Answers from Past IESOS

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International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO) Format:

The Earth Science Olympiad Programme will follow a four-stage procedure:

  • National Level Entrance Test (ET)
  • Training Camp and the Indian National Earth Science Olympiad (INESO)
  • Pre-Departure Training Camp
  • Participation in the International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO)

For the first stage Entrance Test, a modest fee of Rs. 50/- will be charged and no TA/DA provided. Free boarding, accommodation and travelling allowance as per norms will be provided to students selected for the Training Camp. No fee would be charged for subsequent stages. The expenditure including international travel of official Indian teams and related expenses like travel insurance and visa fee will be borne through budgetary provisions passed by the Earth Science Olympiad Cell. Local hospitality will be provided by the host country of the International Earth Science Olympiad. All financial assistance mentioned above is subject to the approval of budgetary provisions by the Government of India.

Stage I: National Level Entrance Test (ET)

    1. Eligibility: The student must be an Indian national. The applicant should not be older than 18 years of age as on July 1st of the year of the Olympiad and must not be a university/college student while participating in IESO. One can only be a student of secondary/ higher secondary school. A student who has already won a medal in a previous IESO is not eligible.
    2. The participating student shall ensure that the eligibility criteria are strictly followed. If it is found subsequently that a student does not meet the eligibility criteria or has willfully provided misinformation, he / she shall be disqualified from the programme.
    3. The date for the Entrance Test, enrollment procedure and related matters will normally be announced at least one month in advance of the last date to receive applications.
    4. The question paper along with answers will be published two days after the test. Candidates may send their comments/ suggestions on the answers within seven days of the publication of the question paper. The comments/suggestions received will be looked at by the Co-ordinator who will finalize the answers. Based on these answers, valuation of answer sheets will be carried out. The results of all the candidates along with the correct answers will be published on the website. Any further appeal regarding the results may be made to the Camp Coordinator within seven days of publication of the results.
    5. The top 20 students will be chosen for the Training Camp. If there is a tie at the last position, all students with same marks at the last position will be chosen for the Camp. The selected students will be intimated by email. The ESO Cell will not be responsible for delays due to incomplete/illegible/incorrect address/email address provided by students, or any other reasons beyond the ESO Cell’s control.
    6. The answer sheets of all candidates that appeared for the entrance test will be preserved until two months after the completion of IESO in that year.

Stage II: Training Camp and the Indian National Earth Science Olympiad (INESO)

  1. The Training Camp, about 18 days duration, will be conducted at a university/research institution usually in May/June under the supervision of a Camp Co-ordinator. The camp schedule will be made known to the selected candidates at least a month in advance of the Camp. This camp will provide an opportunity to interact with some of country’s best people actively involved in scientific endeavors and teaching. It will comprise of lectures, discussions, field work, visit to a planetarium and telescope operation. The syllabus is the same as that for IESO.
  2. The Indian National Earth Science Olympiad will be held at the end of the Camp. This comprises of both written and practical tests. Questions are usually set by the resource persons at the camp. Results would be announced within seven days of completion of the Camp.
  3. Utmost care will be taken to avoid errors during evaluation. Before preparing the merit list, the Camp Co-ordinator will announce a schedule of review during which each student will be offered to be shown his/her graded answer script. Any errors in totals, unchecked questions or re-grade if necessary will be considered. Recommendations concerning these will be placed before the Earth Science Olympiad Cell whose decision in such matters will be final and no appeal or review will be permissible. Every student is required to sign the answer script before it is sent to the ESO for its final decision. If a student refuses to do so, it will be at his/her own peril. The post-review scores recommended by the ESO will be used in preparing the final merit list.
  4. In case of a tie at the fourth position, the 10th question in the question paper for the INESO would be considered as the tie-breaker question. If unresolved, the 15th question will be the tie-breaker question.
  5. Exceptionally, the ESO may recommend the discontinuation of a student on grounds of gross indiscipline and misbehavior, which in its considered view, interferes with the proper conduct of the Camp. The recommendation to be made in writing giving reasons in detail will be subject to approval by the National Co-ordinator, Earth Science Olympiad.
  6. Resource persons involved in designing and developing theoretical and practical tests and their solutions may use this material as basis for their research and educational publications with customary acknowledgement to the Geological Society of India.
  7. The top four will be selected to represent India at the IESO that year. The selected students will be duly intimated. If acceptance from the student and parental consent are not received before the specified date, his / her selection shall be annulled and the next student in the merit list will be included in the team.
  8. Each of the 20 students at the Training Camp will be awarded a participation certificate. The top four students selected to represent the country at the IESO shall each be awarded a certificate and a cash prize of Rs. 5000/-.
  9. The results and mark list of the Training Camp participants will be preserved for no more than five months after the conclusion of the Camp.

Stage III: Pre-Departure Training Camp

  1. Students selected to be in the Indian Team should hold an Indian passport and should be medically fit.
  2. They will undergo another round of training at the Geological Society of India, Bangalore or another designated place before their departure for IESO. The Team Leaders and Observers who will accompany the selected students and some resource persons will guide and counsel the students besides clarifying doubts and engaging in academic discussions. The schedule of the Pre-Departure Camp will be intimated well in advance.
  3. In exceptional cases, a student who is non-cooperative and/or creates disciplinary problems which can affect the morale of the team may be expelled from the team. However, this will be based on the recommendation of the Team Leaders and Observers, which has to be ratified by the ESO Cell.

Stage IV: Participation in the International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO).

  1. The Team Leaders and Observers who will accompany the selected students will provide the latter guidance and counselling throughout the IESO. The two Team Leaders will act as members of the International Jury, participate in all deliberations and discussions on the written and practical tests and on policy matters. They would also take part in the moderation exercise, when necessary, on behalf of the students.

IESO selections from Resonance:

With continuous hard work and dedication of Resonance faculty and students, Resonance has been observing at least one selection every year in prestigious IESO Exam from year 2011. Following is the list of students selected:

IESO 2015 Kushagra Jain Bronze Medal
IESO 2014 Lakshya Bhatnagar Bronze Medal
IESO 2013 Mohit Kherwa Silver Medal
Rohit Choudhary Silver Medal
IESO 2012 Ajay Srivastava Silver Medal
Gaurav Verma Bronze Medal
IESO 2011 Yash Nalwaya Silver Medal
Jashan Singhal Silver Medal
Yash Gupta Silver Medal

Resonance Pre-Foundation Career Care Programmes (PCCP) Division provides classroom coaching for  preparation of various National/International level Olympiads, NTSE, KVPY and board exams providing high quality results year after year for Class 5-10 students.

For more details, visit:

or Call: 0744-2434727 or 08824078330

Source: IESO Official Website

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