JEE Advanced Committee likely to introduce written exam from 2017 onwards

Getting into an IIT might get tougher from the 2017 session. The IIT Joint Admission Committee is considering adding a third component – a written section – after the Main and Advanced tests.

This new segment will add another layer of complexity to an already tough examination where every single percentile counts. The board hopes to curtail guess-work by candidates and force them to exhibit their actual grasp of a subject. It will necessitate an overhaul of the evaluation system but the committee is ready to do that if it improves the quality of students.

A feature of MCQ tests across the world is that candidates make blind guesses for 10-15% questions and jog their memory to attempt some others without having a grasp on the concept, said a source in the committee.

“Candidates sometimes use the method of elimination to choose an answer. We want to minimize that. The best way to do this is to make candidates write the answer rather than tick a box,” a senior IIT professor said. MCQs are a standard method to assess a candidate’s comprehension, analysis or application skills, but an essay-type section will force them to show how much they truly understand a concept and how they arrange their thoughts to develop an argument, the teacher added.

Incorporating the first change — getting candidates to write on their own — can be done with little effort, said a source. But with over 13 lakh candidates appearing the test, won’t evaluation be a problem? To tackle this problem, only those answer sheets will be eligible for checking, if they clear the JEE Advanced MCQ test. The examination authority is also looking to create machine-readable answer scripts, so that the checking method is efficient and less time consuming.

This year a total of 1,24,741 candidates registered for the JEE Advanced exam, out of which 1,27,238 appeared for the exam and 26,456 candidates managed to qualify JEE Advanced 2015.

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Content Source: Times of India

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