Proposal for Common Entrance Test for admission in IIT’s and NIT’s

The proposal of the Union ministry of human resource development (MHRD) for a single entrance test for admission to the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and National Institutes of Technology (NITs) has been welcomed by educational experts.

With a view to reducing the stress on students, a committee constituted by the MHRD has recently proposed that a single common entrance test be held for IITs and NITs. The committee has also recommended several other changes in the existing entrance examination process of IITs.

Though MHRD is yet to decide on implementing the recommendations, the move received a positive response from academic experts. Ramakrishna Rao, a former IIT professor from Hyderabad, said, “High pressure on students to clear the IIT entrance exam will not allow them to focus on their academics. Their learning is severely affected due to this competition for securing better ranks in the entrance tests. Since IITs and NITs are the most preferred institutes, they must have a single entrance test.”

Another recommendation by the committee to reduce the time taken for admission process has also been welcomed by academicians. Currently, there is a gap of almost three months between the mains exam and the deceleration of results. Raja Rao, a faculty member of a Hyderabad-based engineering college, said, “Those who get seats in local colleges or NITs are cancelling their admission after they secure seats in any of the IITs.”

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Content Source: The New Indian Express

6 thoughts on “Proposal for Common Entrance Test for admission in IIT’s and NIT’s

  1. sir, if there will be only single test for admission to both nits and iits, won’t it be difficult for students who are preparing for only nit as level of questions will be of iit level ????


    • First of all it is not final yet that there will be only a single paper.
      Secondly, if we assume this happens then also you need not worry because the JEE board will keep such issues in mind while designing paper. The cutoff for nit’s will be less in that case.


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