Outstanding Results of Resonance Students in NTSE stage- II 2015 with more than 100 Selections.

NCERT has declared the NTSE stage-2 results of 2014-15 on 11th September 2015. According to declared results Resonance students once again showed remarkable Performance and maintained supremacy of Resonance in preparation for NTSE. Total 104 students from Resonance are eligible for the scholarship. 35 students from Kota Study Center, 10 students from Jaipur SC, 11 from Udaipur SC, 3 from Jodhpur, 3 from Ajmer, 1 from Nagpur, 1 from Lucknow & 39 students from Distance Learning Division got selected for Scholarship.

Head of Department Mr. Nilesh Gupta told that the examination of stage-2 was held on 10th May 2015 for that around 4000 students were selected for this second round from all over India. Out of these 4000 around 1000 students are selected for final scholarship of Rs. 1250/-PM which they get upto their higher studies.

Mr. Gupta told that NCERT makes time to time changes in NTSE exam, like this in the upcoming year the number of seats for scholarship will be increased from 1000 to 2000.

He told that according to the changes in the NTSE syllabus students has to do more hard work & need to be more dedicated. For this purpose Resonance PCCP is conducting ‘Tapasya Workshop’ for the students so that they may be successful in NTSE stage-1. Under this workshop Tests series, study material etc. will be available for the students. So that the student may come out with flying colours in the NTSE stage-1 exam to be conducted on 8th November 2015.

For more information, visit: pccp.resonance.ac.in

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