Resonance Results in JEE Advanced 2015: 4124 Selections

JEE Advanced authorities declared results of JEE Advanced 2015 examination for total of 10006 seats on 18th Jun at 10:00 AM as per their schedule. Resonance, for consecutively third year, produced best results in India with total of 4124 selections (and counting). Key highlights of Resonance results are:

  • Total of 2568 selections from Yearlong Classroom Contact Program. This feat is best in whole India from any Single Institute of Kota. Resonance repeated it consecutively for third year.
  • Out of these 2568 selections, 1702 are from Kota Study Centers (Highest from any Single Institute in Kota) and 866 are from other Study Centers of Resonance.
  • 9% of total selections announced by JEE Advanced authorities are from Resonance Yearlong Classroom Contact Program.
  • Total of 1556 selections from Distance Learning Courses of Resonance. This exemplary performance put quality of Resonance Study Material at the top. Topper of IIT Guwahati zone was a student of Resonance Distance Learning Program.
  • Total 11 ranks from Classroom Courses in Top 150. Best rank from Resonance is secured by Bhavya Choudhary with AIR 38.
  • Rohit Jena from Resonance Bhubaneshwar Study Centre topped IIT Kharagpur region with AIR 57.
  • Jaipur Girls Topper Yashvi Sharma is from Resonance Jaipur Study Center.
  • Vidharba Topper is from Nagpur Study Center of Resonance.

Overall, Resonance has proved yet again that it is the Best Instititute for JEE Advanced coaching with Best performance for consecutively third year.

  • For admission inquiry call on Resonance Toll Free number: 1800 258 5555 or visit
  • For JEE results summary and information about Seats in IITs click here 
  • If you know a student from class VII – XI, visit to register for the STaRT (Student Talent Reward Test, 2015) and get a chance to visit NASA (USA), Europe and prizes worth of Rs 1.2 Crores.

42 thoughts on “Resonance Results in JEE Advanced 2015: 4124 Selections

  1. I think the top rank scored by resonite and also number of resonites within 100 ranks is not at per your reputation.Other points high lighted are seemed good for advertising but not overall satisfactory.Extra input and effort may be made to enhance success rate.


  2. what everyone notices is you do not have much success in classroom students of your own .you are advertising and using students names who have taken your material.just by using material no one tops in exam.half of them after taking material do not even use it due to lack of transperency should be there so parents of future aspirants are not misled.


  3. I am also a Resonite & I think it is a best and only institue in the whole country which really cares for their students,work hard with students and display fair results.Proud To Be Resonite!!!


  4. I have been observing Resonance group details frequently. The way they conduct their programmes inferred from website and SAME DAY SOLUTIONS JEE in youtube etc make me to feel I shall a faculty in that. I am a Doctorate in Physics with 12 years BRILLIANT TUTORIALS, Now with an institute elsewhere. I am trying to impress my present mangement that we shall do like Resonance. Particularly I like CSS sirs physics clips


    • Yes absolutely. You can give admission test at Kolkata and can opt to study at Kota centre. Please contact on 1800 258 5555 (Toll Free) or visit the Kolkata branch of Resonance.


  5. Respected Sir/Madam,
    Our long awaited dreams of taking place in premiere institutions like IITs have been fulfilled through our sons (Anurup Dey, AIR 1399, 2013 & Ajeyo Dey, AIR 1640, Gen, 2015, both were in Classroom, Kota), all at First attempt.
    This has happened with your extreme care, guidance , suggestions & definitely the conversion of Resonance care, guidance into hard work , dedications by our sons. Many many thanks to all of u for linking with the hope of doing some good constructive work or taking participation in research field & thereby enhancing the future quality of humanity.

    Another positive side of Resonance what I observed during our last 4.5 years of association unlike other premiere Institution at Kota as heard, Resonance never bother about result of JEE Advanced through inclusion of other students name as Resonite.

    All the Sirs namely (MM Sir, Mittal Sir, RKV Sir, AGL Sir & CSS Sir) through whom my sons(IP & PA-1 batches) educated are excelent, humanitarian, hard working (seen personally for their non-stop classes, opting of leaves only during Diwali vacation). Definitely, all other teachers/mams in other classes are equally good.

    Being an IITian is my personal dream(due to my own switch over from Science stream to Commerce team for poor marks & disqualifier in State(W.B) JEE eaxm by myself during 80’s).

    Thanks to all of u Sir/Madm(To us , all of you are GOD/Supreme’s representative) for fulfilling our desires & request to all of u to give blessings to our both sons to become an either successful Engineer or to serve to humanity through active participation into IITs research field.

    We can say that duty/effort is in our hand, results would be distributed by the Supreme based on HIS kind, merciful & best decision.

    Thanks to the power of Infinity( endless) to Resonance.

    We would be always in touch with u.

    Thanking you,
    Parents of Anurup & Ajeyo
    (Rupak Dey, Anindita Dey)

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    • Dear Akshit

      If you are not getting the branch or college that you desire and have enthusiasm that you can study for another year than you can do it. But the one year that you are going to invest is really valuable and we think that you can get a decent branch in new IIT’s or ISM Dhanbad.


  6. Sir i want score more than 200 marks in jee mains .so study material package of resonance for jee main 2016 is best for me or not .nd im a drppr of 2015


  7. May I please know , that from which course (VIJETA , VIJAY etc.) how many selections where there from only Kota SC. Hope I get reply with adequate ans. Thanks and Congo for your performance.


  8. I am a resonite,currently studying in 11th.
    I wanted to know what were the cumulative ARR (All Resonance Rank ) of the students selected in IIT through Resonance in 2015.
    Hoping for a positive response.


    • All the ARR and percentage of students selected in Advanced are mentioned transparently in Result Album, which is distributed to students. Also available on website for download.


  9. I am a resonite,currently studying in 11th.
    I wanted to know what is the best cumulative ARR (All Resonance Rank ) one should have to get selected in IIT


  10. Sir, Currently I am studying in class 11 In Ranchi.I planned to study in Resonance in Kota in 12th class.Was it helpful because I think In Ranchi I waste my one year and dont want to waste my next year.What should I do whether I should take admission in 12 only or should repeat again class 11.


  11. 1)Will your delhi punjabi bagh centre be as good as Kota?
    2)Can you provide a list of students selected in Jee main and advance from punjabi bagh centre in 2015
    3) Can you give contact nos. of these students to have a word with them before joing and to have a feel of this centre and teachers.

    Thank you so much in anticipation.


  12. This year i hv scored 90 (expecting above 170) in jee mains…is it possible to score above 250 in jee next year if i join ur dropper’s batch?
    I want to work hard but cant decide anything… Plx help me out


  13. Sir,can you please tell me no. Of students selected in jee advance 2016 from JD batches of kota study center? And total no. Of students
    Studying in those batches??


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