NTSE Stage 2 Examination: Expert Opinion from Resonance

This year onwards National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is getting conducted in Class 10 . There was a major change in NTSE Stage – 2 paper as the language section (English or Hindi) is included .

This time question paper was of average difficulty as per class 10 NCERT syllabus. It comprises of three sections:

1. Mental Ability Test
2. Language Test (English or Hindi)
3. Scholastic Aptitude Test

Mental Ability Test (MAT) :         Total Questions : 50           Duration : 45 Minutes

All 50 questions in the MAT paper were above average & time consuming.

Language Test (English) :          Total Questions : 50            Duration : 45 Minutes

Mostly questions were easy for a well prepared student. There were literal comprehension questions unlike last year.
Students with right choice of words must have easily cracked the 13 sentence completion questions.

Scholastic Aptitude Test :         Total Questions : 100           Duration : 90 Minutes

40 Questions from Social Science , 40 from Science (Physics , Chemistry & Biology) & 20 from Maths. A student having
complete & accurate knowledge of subject can attempt successfully. It was based on 9 & 10 NCERT.

There are 20 questions in the paper.Most of the questions are average for a well prepared student and only few questions are hard which are rather time consuming


Level of paper was Moderate overall. There were 13 questions from physics. Questions from light and motion were tough. Rest questions were easy.
IN NTSE Stage-2, 2015 paper, there were total 13 questions of chemistry, Out of which 4 questions were
easy, 4 moderate and 5 were difficult. Overall, the level of paper was above average

Biology :
There are 14 questions in the paper. the questions were not very difficult can be solved by students easily. If the concept of the students is clear.

Social Science :
There are 40 questions in the paper. Compared to the last year more number of chapters are included this
year. From History there are 15 questions, Geography 15, Civics 5, Economics 5. Weightage given to 9th is more (22 Questions) than 10th Class (18 Questions).

Overall it was balanced question paper covering most of the sub topics of 9 & 10 NCERT.
Accuracy , Temperament & Patience the one who had such Characteristics did good job.

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