Resonance Students Review about JEE MAIN 2015 Paper 1

Subject/Level Easy (%) Moderate (%) Tough (%) Lengthy (%)
Physics 15 30 45 10
Chemistry 62.5 34.5 3 0
Maths 34 64 20 2

Thousands of students of Resonance gave JEE MAIN 2015 on 4 April 2015. Above table show their overall consensus. Following are some highlights of the comments:

  • Paper was according to expectation and all questions were covered in Resonance Course Planner.
  • Majority of students from Resonance recognized paper as either easy or moderate.
  • More than 90% students (overall) mentioned that they were able to complete the paper in time due to time management practice in Resonance Tests.

Here are some of the comments from Resonance Students.

Physics Paper was tough, there were 2-3 questions in physics paper which have been taught in the class. Chemistry & Maths Paper were moderate and some questions were there in study material. Overall Paper was moderate level.


Physics paper was easy to solve, there were around 8 questions in study material of Physics. Chemistry paper was moderate while maths paper was little tough and have some difficult calculation. Overall paper was moderate, and mostly questions were formula based only.


I found overall paper was tough. Chemistry & Maths parts were moderate but physics part was tough and lengthy. Some questions were there in our study material for all three subjects. Overall paper was tough as compare to JEE (MAIN) 2014. Cut off must not high this time.


Overall paper was on moderate level. Physics paper was not so tough and also not so easy, it was moderate. Chemistry was easy but maths was tough. Overall paper level was same as compare to last year JEE (MAIN) Paper. There were approximate 50% questions in paper which related to our study material.


13 thoughts on “Resonance Students Review about JEE MAIN 2015 Paper 1

  1. physics ad chemistry paper was some what straight forward it conducted through board sylllabus but maths was some taugh but it was simple as compare to back year paper…………..


  2. paper was not easy at all.physics was very tough and chemistry was not on theme as last years papers…..math was overall moderate…….


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