IAO 2015 Results: 2 students from Resonance in 3rd Stage

Resonance has a history of victories in all competitive examinations from IIT, PMT, SAT, PSAT, A STAR to all kinds of Olympiads. In the ceaseless journey of success, Lay Jain and Yash Gupta from classroom program of Resonance, PCCP have been selected for the 3rd stage of International Astronomy Olympiad which is Orientation Cum Selection Camp of IAO (OCSC).

IAO is conducted in five stages. The OCSC, a ten day camp will be conducted in Mumbai by Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education (HBCSE). In this camp, the selectees are made to go through a number of theoretical and experimental tests. Top five students will be selected from the OCSC for the Pre-deparure Training, which is the 4th stage of IAO. The eighth IAO will be held in Semarang, Indonesia in August, 2015. Bhavya Chaudhary, a brilliant PCCP student walked away with Gold Medal in IAO 2  years back.

These are the only selection ( In Jr Astro) from Rajasthan this year which proves that we are miles ahead of our competitors in this segment in Rajasthan.  Recently declared IESO selections also testify this because out of 22 selections from India 11 are from kota PCCP. Out of 12 from Rajasthan 11 are from PCCP Kota.
This year has been happening whether it is IYMC, RMO,IJSO,ASTART our students have performed exceptionally well in these myriad exams.

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