24 Students of JNV Bundi Selected for INMO 2015

Our special journey with Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, which started 6 years back has achieved a new milestone in 2015. In the recently declared result of the Regional Mathematical Olympiad 2014 (RMO), out of the 30 students selected from JNV, 24 students are from JNV Bundi. These students are selected to participate in the Indian National Mathematical Olympiad 2015 (INMO) scheduled on 2nd Feb 2015. This is a phenomenal success where 80% of the total students selected from JNV for INMO are from JNV Bundi. Last year, 13 students were selected for INMO from JNV Bundi, which has risen to 24 this year.
Of these 24 selected students, 8 are from Bihar, 7 from Rajasthan, 5 students are form M.P., 2 from Haryana and 1 each from Uttarakhand and J&K.  It is a moment of proud for the different states that these students if qualified will represent their respective state and the entire country at the international level. 
These students, when interviewed, highly appreciated the efforts of AJK Sir (Mr. Ajay Kumar Gupta, Faculty –Mathematics, Resonance) for teaching them throughout their preparation, LJ Sir (Mr. Lalit Jain, Faculty-Mathematics, Resonance) for conducting the special Orientation Camp for RMO and SHK Sir (Mr. S.K. Sinha, Faculty –Chemistry and Co-ordinator, JNV Bundi) for mentoring and constantly motivating them. They also specified that the teachers at JNV Bundi focus more on clearing the basics. To solve the problems in less time, they are taught the shortcuts, but at the same time to make the concepts clear, they are also asked to learn the lengthy derivations. This, they say has proved really beneficial for their preparation. They have already started their rigorous preparation for INMO and are confident enough that they will get through the exam through Resonance’s support.
Sudip Kumar, who is from Sikar, Rajasthan says that his father is a farmer and his entire family has high hopes from him. He wants to be a Software Engineer and then will earn a white collar job to improve the financial condition of his family. He believes that with his efforts and constant support from Resonance, he will definitely make it a success.
Another selected student from JNV Bundi, Saurabh Bagri, who is from a small village of M.P. says that the Faculties of Resonance are very talented and are putting in an equal amount of hard work with them. He also mentions that the Faculty team is just perfect for him and that he wants not a single change until his final selection.
We provide free coaching to these students as part of our corporate social responsibility. Since the last 6 years, we have been coaching the students of JNV for admission into the most prestigious institutes of the country, the IITs. Along with this, these students are also encouraged, informed and well guided to appear for the International Olympiads, KVPY and other such competitive exams. These exams not only provide the necessary monetary aid through scholarships to these otherwise financially weak students, but also act as a great boost to their confidence.
Our team at Resonance makes every possible effort to deliver quality academics to these deserving students. The remarkable success of JNV students is a highly motivating and satisfying experience for us and we are trying our best to make them succeed in the next stage as well.
These students are a perfect example of the fact that there are no barriers to knowledge. Despite, the adverse circumstances, they have been performing prodigiously well in the last few years. Even in JEE 2014, 47 students from JNV Bundi got selected in JEE (Advanced) and 52 were selected in JEE (Main) 2014.
Congratulations to all the selected students and best of luck for your next stage!

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