Why God made Teachers?

We all want to feel cared for and valued by the significant people in our world. Students are no different. This knowledge is a powerful tool in the arsenal available to you as you form your classroom discipline plan. As a classroom teacher, you wield a great deal of power over your students simply due to the fact that you control their destiny for up to six and a half hours each day, five days a week. When students feel that you value and care for them as individuals, they are more willing to comply with your wishes.
Teachers are given the status of the backbone of any nation. Maintaining the role of teaching along with crafting the minds of the young they fall under that small group which works selflessly to make us eligible to withstand the harsh & challenging world with ease & efficiency. By celebrating this event, on the occasion of teacher’s day you can also appreciate your teacher & make the person feel that you really do care for him/her. This occasion is observed on different days in different countries. For example it is celebrated on 5 September every year on the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvapalli Radha Krishnan, the first vice president of India. There are different ways of celebrating teacher’s day in different countries. There are huge occasions & celebrations that are being followed in different countries observing it in a different manner respectively.
When life wanted to bless you, he gave you a teacher. He is the ultimate gift of God. A teacher is noble, sweet and humble. He gives and knows only to give. A teacher is a visionary, a seer, a sage, a saint. He is down to earth. He is profound. He is great. He is wonderful. He is joy. He is the ultimate.
 A teacher is not ordinary, because he can make you extraordinary. He understands you like no one else. He comes into your life to change the way you look at life. You are no more the same again. Your understanding of things change, your knowledge grows, you grow. Life will never be the same again for you.
A teacher can create and he can also destroy. He builds a nation, a society and also an individual. He can do what a politician, economist and businessman cannot. He forms systems, creates processes and gives an order to everything around. He knows how to teach, manage and lead. He is an institution by himself. He is everywhere. He is everything.
You can pay anyone, but you can never repay your debt to your teacher. A teacher gives everything to you. Finally a teacher makes you another teacher. There is no service greater than serving your teacher. Fix your mind on the teacher and devoted to him, lead our life. Take refuge in him. He will destroy your delusion. He will liberate you from all ignorance and miseries. He will make your life fulfilled….

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