Why Fatherhood Matters?

A father’s love, oh how sweet! Yes! I really mean sweet. It is now time for a paradigm shift. We often think of a mother’s love in colourful, warm, and tender terms; but we are reluctant to do the same for fathers. This was not God’s intent. It was God’s design for a father’s love to complement a mother’s love. The original plan was that both parents would creatively weave their different ways of loving into a tapestry of knitted emotions, verbal expressions, affectionate displays, and intellectual harmony. There would be no competition, nor lack of love from either side. This type of loving would create a family chemistry that would ride through the roughest storms and sail over the darkest clouds.

What is a father’s love really like? Even when a father expresses tenderness and consistent parenting care toward his children, it is usually described in “mothering terms.”  How, then, can fathers truly be intensely loving in a society that does not encourage it? Here’s how: (1) Fathers decide that it is manly to love intensely. (2) Fathers conquer the inhibition that society thrusts on them. (3) Fathers truly treat their family members as they treat their own personal lives. (4) Fathers accept the fact that their love complements the mothers’ love, not competes with it. Thus, their love is equally important to the family welfare.

Fathers, don’t be shy of passionately loving your children. Your love for them helps them feel more secure emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. Remember, if your peers laugh at you for going directly home after work and choosing family time over sharing time with them, one day their laughter will turn into sadness. The old adage is true: “Last man laughs best.” Research tells us that men who intensely love their families live longer and happier lives. We also know that children whose fathers are actively involved in their lives do better in school, even in single-parent families. Remember fathers, when you do not love children as intensely as their mothers do, you are causing an imbalance in the family equilibrium, thus increasing the risk of childhood rebellion and teenage delinquency.

Fathers, your sons and daughters need your intense loving. They need your hugs, kisses, smiles, affirming words, and ever-present energy. They need your love. Fathers, society needs your love. God created you to love as intensely and deeply as mothers do. Don’t be fooled by the noise in the kitchen. It will make you believe that there is really no living room. You are a part of the living room and the kitchen. Love, dear fathers, love! A father’s love is sweet. Because to a child it is another “sweet flavour” of human expression that makes life sweeter and more enjoyable. 

Happy Father’s Day.

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