Many people believe that success depends on putting all your energy into achieving one goal, be it a single minded focus on your studies or a job or a commitment of some sort. But no matter how righteous, one goal cannot satisfy all of a person’s needs and desires in life. The pursuit of success seems more like shooting at a series of moving targets. Every time you hit one correctly, ten more come out from other directions. And when you hit incorrectly, you stay trapped into that level until you do it right or you forsake it. Just when we have achieved one goal, we feel the pressure to work harder, exert more effort and possess more specimens of achievements. The challenges to the goals keep stacking up and the standards and examples of “making it” constantly shift.

Behind all the actions towards the targets, many factors keep working on, one of which is-motivation. Motivation runs in the veins of all our efforts. Motivation may come from various sources: an aching desire to make something of yourself; a need to eliminate a sense of personal inadequacy; a family legacy which you would not cast to the wind but ensure your addition to it; to cover up the anonymity of early upbringing; to cling to branding acquired through a degree of a certain institution. Unless there is motivation, all action is a long drag that doesn’t matter much.

Extraordinary people, teams and organizations are simply ordinary people doing simple things extraordinarily well, things that matter to them. Discovering what matters to us as individuals and having a conviction for it, becomes an important guideline for all our actions. People who love what they do, try harder and move faster, more than people who only do things for a paycheck.

We all must keep hitting our moving targets, embracing success and failures with equanimity, accepting and adapting to the dynamism of perpetual changes, maximizing our performances, auditing our actions, having passion enough to do things that matter to us and carrying wonderful stories of our lives to the future.

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