Resonance Alumni Student (Year-2002), Ritesh Agarwal felicitated by Mr.R.K.Verma on his IAS Selection

Profile of Ritesh Agarwal (Resonance student of year 2002, Selected in IIT-JEE in year 2003, got A.I.R.-2290, took admission in IIT Delhi and passed out in year 2007, prepared for IAS and got selected in 2011):-

“From childhood I was having a dream to prepare for IAS. After graduation I decided for UPSC as it provides greater platform to effectively work for country. My dream is to discharge my responsibilities in efficient way for people. As per my opinion, educated society is a great remedy for poverty.

Everyday I have learnt many lessons from people around me and ofcourse, observing other people teaches everything.

There is no shortcut to success for students in this competitive environment, they have to fully concentrate on their studies. Apart of concentration and dedication faith in teachers, hard work and healthy life-style is necessary. If a student is interested in higher education then he should follow it.

My favourite quotation is :- NEVER NEVER GIVE UP….

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