Entering The New Format – ISEET

Kota Coaching System & ISEET
Do you think that Kotais in expansive mode to greet the big educational revolution called ISEET? 
Unlike those stories that transport you to fantasy land, the successful stories created by Kota Coaching System keeps you grounded in beautiful realities – the realities that thousands of people once called their wishful dreams when they arrived at Kota– the city that farms coaching education. Those brilliant minds, now, sit at the helm of affairs, and take significant decisions that impact the world of business & science. And then, there is a long trail of those gearing themselves to join the proud league.
Every year Kota is flocked with thousands of engineering & medical aspirants who just deposit a few young years of their lives to become what they want to be. When they arrive here, most do not know what their dreams are and what realities exist. But, with well-engineered coaching system facilitated by solid ancillary support at Kota, and a long history of successful results, things get clearer & students surrender themselves to focus completely on their learning process. 
Emerging Trends
The coaching system is changing fast. The New Admission Policy, recently introduced, is a welcome change. Despite the usual restlessness that accompanies any change, a positive spirit & hope prevails among all alike. The modified teaching methodology for the new patters is introduced at the institutes. Demands have been established & identified; queries, flooding the minds of students and parents, are resolved; information is being disseminated; the courses are launched; the list goes on.
The biggest challenge is to firstly understand the needs and deliver it fast enough, and also to create new needs, since the avenues are varied – it is difficult to anticipate outcomes in a situation like this, even the students do not know what to expect. The next challenge is to produce holistic output to match the new format, and to serve scholastic expectations, ensuring success and retaining trust & confidence.
So the answer is to be able to invent & re-invent, to meet immediacies, to create holistic academic solutions that penetrate into the educational needs concurrent to times. And, all this must be done within no time, as students’ time is crucial. For Kotaeducation system, it is easy to make any amendments, with aplomb. It has done that before too in 1990s when it transformed from being the state’s prime industrial centre to a city known for its educational exploits, housing thousandsof engineering & medical aspirants, and hundreds of subject-matter experts. Kota ‘magic’ has academic & non-academic systems in place to accelerate growth amidst all external changes. It is driven by the necessity for knowledge & information distribution which is vital for academic/educational purposes. The economics comes later.
Industry Status
Interestingly, the ISEET announcement heralded a new promising growth across the Kota coaching system. With the introduction of new format it is clear that students must maintain equilibrium of board studies & ISEET preparation. The competition is fiercer than ever before. To face the competition, aspirants definitely like to clutch on the trusted names to recast their future.
The launch of courses aligned with the new format of admission criterion – ISEET preparation has already begun at coaching institutes in Kota. Now, students can undergo preparation for Board studies, ISEET Main (Aptitude Testing) & ISEET Advance (Advance Subject Testing) at these institutes. Remarkably, it took no time for Kota to don a new face & revamp its curriculum & learning strategies to serve students in the changed scenario. And the support structure of ancillary services has gained momentum.
Growth Areas
The introduction of ISEET offers tremendous growth potential in coaching industry as well as the total support system of business & services at Kota. The entry of ISEET & NEET brings considerable reduction in stress and financial burden. The multitude entrance test dates spread over 3-4 months, has now been reduced to a single date, and so has the panic period of students. The new format brings under its umbrella all the aspirants who were previously compartmentalized into umpteen number of entrance examinations. The influx of aspirants means additional revenue platform and a burgeoning customer-base that entails generation of new business & services and upgradation of existing ones.
It is at these times that IT maturity in any coaching institute becomes as important a parameter as judging the academic strength. The internet-based education becomes pivotal since it allows effective dissemination of knowledge & information without physical collocation of students, infrastructural resources & administration issues. Also, Kotacan foresee new establishments on its map such as computer labs & computer training institutes where students shall undertake courses online & get trained on attempting tests online. Besides this, the hospitality industry, real estate & retail industry that is already shining well, will have more unique customers & visitors to cater to. The lean patch of the business cycle has been done away with the old system and the new format will keep things as an ongoing process.
With the entry of Aptitude Test into the coaching system, alongside board preparation and advance studies, the demand for teaching professionals has increased immensely. In addition there is a growing demand for schools & additional seats in existing schools, and to go beyond training & development strategies, infrastructure and facilities. The industry needs talented and enthusiastic people with the ability to keep up with the latest trends and developments. The nature of work requires people to possess skill sets like teaching, mentoring, curriculum designing, public speaking, technological ease etc.
Overall, ISEET is a huge positive change in educational arena that does remove the inherent weaknesses of the old system and promises a new, bright future that everyone can smile for.

Manoj Kumar Sharma
Vice President, Operations & Business Development
Resonance Eduventures Pvt. Ltd.

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