Frequently Asked Questions on ISEET

Frequently Asked Questions about ISEET:-

What will be the benefits of ISEET?
a.A common examination for admission into most of the Engineering/Science institutions.
b.No need to apply for several entrance examinations.
c.As student will be free and relaxed after appearing in only one exam.
d.Stress-level will be considerably reduced which otherwise used to be there due to various entrance examinations spread over a period of three months (April-May-June).
e.Substantial financial savings for parents.

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 Which are the institutes going to accept ISEET score?

a.15 Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs )and IT-BHU, Varanasi & ISMU, Dhanbad
b.30 National Institutes of Technology (NITs)
c.5 Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs)
d.6 Indian Institutes of Science Education & Research (IISERs).
e.1 Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology (IIST)
f. 1 Indian Institute of Science (IISc) – (only BS Course/Programme)
g.3 Indian Statistical Institutes (ISIs).
h.Several other Govt./centrally-funded institutions.
i.Some pvt. Colleges/universities at National level.
j.Hundreds of State Govt. funded/controlled colleges in various states.
k.Thousands of pvt. Colleges in various states.

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When ISEET will be introduced? 
a.The first ISEET will be held in year 2013.
b.It will be conducted for the admissions in academic session 2013-14.
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Which are the entrance examinations; ISEET will be going to replace?

a.IIT-JEE for admissions into 15 IITs and IT-BHU, Varanasi & ISMU, Dhanbad (all through main merit list) & IIT-JEE extended merit list used by many institutes like 6 IISERs, Institutes of Maritime Studies, IISc etc.)
b.AIEEE for admissions into 30 NITs, 5 IIITs & several pvt./deemed Universities.
c.ISAT for admissions into IIST.
d.Admission Test for 3 Indian Statistical Institutes.
e.State PETs for admissions into Govt./Pvt. Colleges of various states.

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What is ISEET?

a.ISEET stands for Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test.
b.ISEET has been conceived & will be implemented by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt. of India.
c.ISEET will be the common admission/entrance test for India’s most of the Engineering/Science Institutions/Colleges/Universities.

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Why ISEET has been introduced?

a.India has 2500+ Engineering Colleges (Govt.+Private).
b.There are 50+ Entrance Examinations for admission into these colleges.
c.It was very stressful for the students to appear in so many exams (on an average a student appear in 5-6 entrance exams).
d.It used to create lot of financial burden for the parents since each examination involves expenses like Application Fee & commuting to appear for the entrance test in various cities/at various test centers.
e.Govt. wanted to introduce an ‘umbrella’ examination which will be the common entrance test for most of these institutions.

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