34 Students of Resonance got selected for Second Stage of International Olympiads

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Our students have shown their dominance in the recently declared first stage results of various International Olympiads, conducted on 27th November 2011 by Indian Association of Physics Teachers. The total 34 selections from Classroom Programs include 7, 9, 3, 11 and 4 selections respectively in International Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy and Junior Science Olympiads.
Among the selections, 5 are from Pre-Foundational Career Care Program of class IX and X whereas 27 are from IIT-JEE yearlong classroom contact programs and 2 are from AIPMT yearlong classroom contact programs of class XII. The Pre-Medical division has started in 2011 only and in the very first year its 2 students have got selected for second stage of International Biology Olympiad.
It is noteworthy that 4 students have qualified in both Physics and Astronomy Olympiads, 3 students in both Chemistry and Astronomy Olympiads and 1 in both Physics and Chemistry Olympiads. Kota Centre contributed 23 selections wheras Jaipur contributed 6 & Mumbai contributed 5 selections.
All these selected students will appear in the corresponding second stage of Astronomy, Chemistry & Junior Science to be held on 28 January 2012 whereas Physics, Biology on 29 January 2012. The second stage selected students will further attend an orientation cum selection camp for selection of Indian Team to represent the country in various host countries of these Olympiads. In 2012, International Physics Olympiad will be held in Estonia, Chemistry in USA, Biology in Singapore, Astronomy in Korea and Junior Science in Iran.
Since 2007, our students have won 14 International medals for India including 7 Gold, 5 Silver & 2 Bronze in various International Olympiads. Out of these 10 students were studying in regular classroom programmes and 4 in correspondence programmes.

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