A message of hope

After the Indian techies, it is the turn of Indian Teachers. I read with interest the news piece that a north London school has outsourced mathematics teaching to India. As per the reports, the pupils are remarkably improving .The very essence of Indian teaching lie in recognizing the curiosity of human mind and giving it the due place. We have witnessed this at Resonance too.

The teaching methodology adopted at Resonance plants in the students from the very beginning the seeds of ‘concept understanding’ as it is a pre-requisite for cracking IIT-JEE. Daily Practice Problems (DPPs) and Sheets propel the student’s morale as ‘DPP’ sums up the entire session of the day and makes the student recollect of the class room sessions and ‘Sheets’ serve as the tool to enhance the skills of the students from basic to advanced. To ensure success, I advise you to follow certain guidelines like, attending your classes regularly, writing your  class notes as much as possible, highlight important concepts/formula with RED INK Pen, doing your homework regularly, maintaining your Class Notes, DPPs, Sheets and the test papers/ solutions systematically, writing down formula of each chapter on a separate page, keeping the page of formula of one chapter of each subject in your pocket and reading it at least once in a day, analyzing wrongly attempted & not attempted questions and writing your mistakes with RED INK pen and never hesitating to get your doubt clarified from your teachers. The students of VIJETA & VISHWAAS courses need to keep in mind that the board topics have largely been covered in teaching at Resonance. The board pattern tests and the Hindi and English classes to commence in December will help them make a good score in the board Exams. They should simply squeeze 4 to 5 hours a day for the NCERT books during the months of January and February.
Most of the faculty members have themselves gone under the rigors to JEE and have successfully cracked it, impart the students an up-to-date training and sharpen their mental faculties. Some of the members had the coaching for IIT-JEE and become well familiar with the format and the pattern. Few others, who didn’t have coaching but by contributing in the success of a large number of students to crack IIT-JEE over the years gained rich experience.
The history of past nine years has established Resonance meritocracy in the field of IIT-JEE and other engineering competitive examinations. After pre-planned initiative of launching AIPMT and AIEEE, we have worked tremendously hard in developing appropriate material and competitive content for successfully cracking AIPMT and AIEEE. Our batches for both the newly launched courses other than already running courses have effectively begun.
I am also happy to state that next year’s session will certainly witness the magnificent new building which will surely add to the luster of Resonance Eduventures Pvt. Ltd. (REPL) in terms of good and grand infrastructure which will further add to Resonance’s brand name, efficiency and performance.
Unlike run of the mill stuff, Resonance is always in the process of upgradation and strives to be at par with highest standards. Resonance’s initiative to launch BIT-SAT test series in 2009-10 came as a great help to the students when no organized testing facility was available to the aspirants. Continuance of Resonance BIT-SAT Test series is an effort to train the students for this important competitive exam which opens an equally good avenue. Last but not least, we are in the process of excellence with continual practice and persistence to attain strategic performance. And I wish my students all luck and may they be great engineers and provide the best to our nation.


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