Alumnus of IT-BHU adds value to the Academic Ambience at Resonance

B.Tech, 1998, Branch: Electrical
IIT-JEE (AIR): 1527

Q.1 What inspired you for IT-BHU? Would you like to share your experience while preparing for IT-BHU at Kota?

My father had a dream to see me as an engineer. In order to fulfill the dream of my father, I personally met my senior who was selected in the state level exam. I took the information from him and started working for IIT-JEE and finally qualified it with my focused mind and hard work.

Q.2 What sort of qualities one must possess to get into IT-BHU?

A work done with proper planning can make you win the race. Regular Studies (7 Days in week, 30 days in a month), daily analysis and revision of the topics already learnt and everyday planning for the next day and then finally action for that planning is a must for any exam to be taken and get it cleared with confidence.

Q.3  What is the distinguishing factor of IT-BHU that makes it different from other engineering colleges?

Campus placements at IT-BHU are equivalent or rather better than other Indian Institutes of Technology. Faculty members at IT-BHU are cooperative and helpful.

Q.4 Throw some light on your best moments pertaining to studies at IIT-BHU.

Before entering IT-BHU, I had theoretical knowledge, but after entering the institute, I realized that practical knowledge is a must to move ahead and faster in the age of fierce competition. We were made competent to visualize theory in practical aspect. In my projects namely (i) “Unmaned Railway Crossing” & (ii) “Generation of Electricity from Thermal Power”, I surveyed many railway crosses, talked to many railway employees. Those days were the memorable days of my life as I struggled hard and improvised not only on my concept knowledge but practical aspects as well. Every Monday, I reported to my project in charge and used to give the summarized account. Working day and night with full enthusiasm and energy gave me immense pleasure.

Q.5 Tell something about the campus and the Infrastructure facility at IT-BHU.

IT-BHU has a huge campus like that of any other IITs.  IT-BHU has the biggest library amongst all the IITs. At the centre of institute Birla Temple, radiates an aura so very inspiring and motivating.Q.6 How different is the study pattern at IT-BHU in comparison to that of other engineering college.
In comparison to technical institutes, IT-BHU has well furnished laboratories that help in enhancing the practical knowledge.  IT-BHU’s trans-academic moment helps to keep a track and compares the level of knowledge of the students of IT-BHU with those of other institutes. Apart from regular academic tests, surprised tests were conducted frequently to keep the minds of the students on track and running always.

Q.7 What suggestions or words of wisdom will you like to give to the students preparing for IIT at Resonance to increase their productivity?

I completely believe in the study material of Resonance. Resonance has well researched sheets, DPPs, Test papers for every subject and so there is no need of any other book except the study material of Resonance. Questions of DPPs and Sheets should be revised thrice in the session so that the speed can be increased and then maintained. Short notes/revision planner and the mobile numbers of the faculty members should be kept always and can be used as and when required.

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