Parents and guardians share success ritual at Resonance:

Hailing from the profession of banking, Mr. and Mrs. Suryakant Sharma, parents of Mehul Kumar, expressed their boundless joy on their son’s stupendous victory of cracking the tough IIT-JEE with AIR-19 in General Category in IIT-JEE 2010 which is highly creditable. Mehul’s father remarked that Mehul’s lambent ingenuity is the resonating outcome of the mingled efforts of his son & his faculty members at Resonance Eduventures Pvt. Ltd (R.E.P.L.). Mehul cracked All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) 2010 with AIR-76 and also got selected for the 41st International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) 2010, to be held in Zagreb, Croatia.
Mr. Sunil Kumar Sinha, Electrical Supervisor in Patna municipal Co-operation, father of Gautam Sumu, articulated his heartfelt gratefulness to Mr. R.K. Verma, M.D., R.E.P.L. and the entire Resonance for making his son successful in cracking IIT-JEE 2010 with wonderful AIR-36 (GEN.). Gautam Sumu is also an NTSE and KVPY scholar. Mr. Sunil Kumar Sinha remarks, “Gautam was intelligent from his early childhood and took admission in Resonance to obtain a better rank in IIT-JEE”.
Mr. Sinha pronounced loud, the name of Resonance as the best option for not only apt teachers and teaching methodology but also for the adequate personal care taken of the students.
The joy of Mr. and Mrs. Sanwarmal Verma, parents of Kanishk Katariya, knew no bounds when to their pleasure, they found that their dedicated son, Kanishk, has not only cleared IIT-JEE 2010 but has cracked it with astounding All India Rank (AIR) -1 in SC category and AIR- 44 in General category and also he cracked All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) 2010 with AIR-24. He has many credentials attached to his name; he is an NTSE and KVPY scholar and has also cleared International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) with Rank-1 in grade XI. It was undoubtedly a matter of pride for Mr. Sanwarmal Verma, who himself is in Rajasthan Administrative Service (District Exercise Officer) to see his children excel in their own fields. Kanishk has been a student of Resonance since he was in grade IX.
Immense pleasure and unending satiety ruled the hearts of Mr. Prem Nath Baranwal, father of Kumar Gautam. Seeing the triumphant son in top 100 that is by obtaining the AIR-60 (GEN.) in IIT-JEE 2010 the overwhelming joy rolled out from Mr. Prem Nath’s moist eyes. Kumar Gautam is a KVPY scholar and has obtained AIR-5 in class XI in NSTSE and has also cracked All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) 2010 with AIR-93. Belonging to Jharkhand, Mr. Baranwal, a teacher by profession, expressed his immense gratitude to Mr. R.K. Verma, M.D., R.E.P.L., for giving his son 90% scholarship on his son’s outstanding performance in Resonance National Entrance Test (ResoNET) and this became a cause of motivation and hard work to excel in studies for Kumar Gautam. His parents lauded the co-operation of faculty members and teaching methodology practiced at Resonance. Mr. Baranwal says, “Kumar Gautam always insisted to go to Kota for IIT-JEE coaching but I always discouraged  and said that schools can also provide better education and coaching. But today after Kumar Gautam achieving AIR- 60 in IIT-JEE 2010, I believe that in order to secure better rank in IIT-JEE and competitive exams, one should opt coaching as it is the best medium of meticulous guidance.”

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