‘How to reap the best’ — TIPS From — Reso Reaper

Q 1. What is required to get into Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT)?

Ans: According to me, sincere efforts and commitment towards one’s goal of cracking IIT-JEE successfully are the key factors to get into IITs. Not mere intelligence but also dedication is a must to get into IITs and also to secure a good All India Rank (AIR).

Q 2. How much time on an average did you devote for your preparation? What was your daily time-table and how did you divide your course according to your set time-table?

Ans: Apart from Coaching Classes, I used to devote 5 to 6 hours for my studies. I did not follow any stringent time-table. For me it all depended on the level of toughness of the matter which I used to study daily. I gave priority to my notes and tried to understand them properly. I used to do DPP’s and the problems in sheets rigorously.

Q 3. How does one cope up with the school syllabus and preparation for IIT-JEE? Did you take extra efforts to prepare for board examination?

Ans: Preparation for IIT-JEE covers most of the school syllabus and so a student need not take any pressure to complete the school syllabus separately. Reading of entire text-books is a must for both IIT-JEE and board examinations. I paid special attention to English and prepared thoroughly for it.
Q 4. How many questions should an individual attempt to get into IITs? How tough is the paper?
Ans: One should attempt all the questions in which one is confident. It is also necessary that one should first go through the entire paper so that one may get a fair idea about the type of questions the paper contains because of which one may prioritize the questions to be attempted first. IIT-JEE paper is not an extra ordinarily tough one but it is similar to that of the papers and tests which are conducted on a regular basis at Resonance. The most important thing in the examination hall is to maintain one’s cool and clam so that the IIT-JEE paper can be taken with ease and peace.

Q 5. Give some tips for increasing one’s efficiency while studying? How did you refresh yourself from the hectic schedule?

Ans: While solving the questions, I used to listen to music as it helped me increase my efficiency. Also, I am not habitual of studying at a stretch and so would take small breaks of a few minutes in an hour because of which I used to feel refreshed. Taking adequate sleep is a must, and one should not compromise with it. After hours of study, I would go for a walk with my friends and on the way we used to discuss the problems (questions) of the day.

Q 6. What is your Success mantra? Give some advice to your successors at Resonance who are preparing for IIT-JEE?

Ans:  One must always be dedicated towards the goal- “IIT-JEE”; even a slightest deviation from the goal may cause problem in achieving it. Resonance is blessed with a very good faculty, so all the IIT-JEE aspirants must make the best of the faculty members. Always revise the notes properly as they are a good source of revision. Revision is a very important tool and proves useful if practiced throughout the year and rigorously in the last 5-6 months. Q7. How did you evaluate your performance after each CT (cumulative Test), APT (AIEEE Preparatory Test) & JPT (JEE Preparatory Test) while preparing at Resonance?
Ans: After each exam, I used to properly analyze my paper with the answer key given. I would study all the answers and then used to check that the problems attempted are right or wrong. This helped me in finding out a new ways to solve specific questions. While analyzing the paper, I used to note down my mistakes in a diary and every time before the exam, I would read that diary so that the mistakes may not re-occur.

Q 8. Whom do you wish to give the credit of your success? To what extent did your family contribute in your success?

Ans: It is because of the support of my family, my faculty members at Resonance as well as my teachers at school that I achieved AIR-396. Taking ‘International Olympiad Examination’ increased my morale. My parents have immensely contributed in my success. My mother’s presence and unconditional support in the last 3-4 months before the conduction of IIT-JEE motivated me and helped me in maintaining my cool & calm. She helped me recover from my illness during winters.

Q 9. Appearing for Open Test (OT) & Major Test (MT), did in some way help scaling your proficiency in different subjects for IIT-JEE?

Ans: The detailed analysis provided by Resonance after the OT and the MT helped me a lot in figuring out my weak areas which required a lot of improvement. These tests also gave me a fair idea about the pattern and type of IIT-JEE paper.

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