A message of hope

Many aspirants (of Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Exam and other Engineering competitive examinations) find difficult to achieve their lofty dreams. The inner power and competency is very important in achieving the desired returns of the expectations inculcated within. Amplifying on one’s dreams is not just enough but a holistic approach is necessary to realize the dreams of cracking IIT-JEE and other Engineering competitive examinations, which intends to remind the aspirant about his/her dreams and stir passion within at every conceivable touch point.
This year’s IIT-JEE will be conducted on April 11, 2010. Your stay at Resonance was not a mere study of cluttered books but was an experience, the intention of which was to primarily trace out important and pertinent points and concept clearance, necessary for cracking IIT-JEE and other Engineering competitive examinations. Continual practice and revision; relying completely on Class Notes, Daily Practice Problems (DPPs) and Sheets will be instrumental in making you more confident in taking IIT-JEE. The guidance and direction of your experienced faculty members, who acted more as your mentors will certainly help in augmenting your potential and your morale.
Synthesized efforts of students and faculty members of Resonance will surely open the gates of knowledge of Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) for which I wish luck to my students.
I also welcome my new learners who have believed in Resonance to accomplish their dreams. I take privilege in making them clear that studying at Resonance is not mere by-hearting the books but it’s an experience that makes a learner adept and clear in concepts and fundamentals which is not only important for cracking IIT-JEE and also for studies at Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs).
5276 selections (3345 from Classroom and 1931 from Distance Learning Programmes), in the span of 9 years, Resonance has developed and has taken a leap forward in making education more precise and accurate and also by obtaining rank in top 10 and producing highest score in mathematics in IIT-JEE 2009 ( by Anvit Singh Tawar-AIR 9).
The Department of Research and Development at Resonance continuously strives and keeps the study pattern at par with the patterns of IIT-JEE and accordingly restructures the curriculum planning. By maintaining equanimity in teaching methodology, to make the education more easily available, Resonance other than its 8 study centres and 4 information centres has come up with 3 new study centres at Udaipur, Bengaluru and Bhubaneswar. We have never compromised for quality teaching at our origin Kota even after having centres across the country. The quality teaching is ensured by rigorous faculty training and developmental programs for fresh and existing teachers apart from recruiting faculty directly at the senior level.
At the end, I wish my outgoing students All the Best and encourage my incoming students to get ready with vigor to excel in their endeavors.

R K Verma
B.Tech., IIT-Madras, 1994

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