The Police Captain wears medals of values and principles

The psychological satisfaction is richer than physical gratification; the subtler the personality, the greater is the satisfaction, one readily transforms oneself into stoic and balanced individual and becomes focused as the grosser and its joys and sorrows lead to futility of efforts and thoughts.
This pursuit led Sushant Saxena plan technical methods by which the integration of the personality can effectively take place and he strove to raise a better-constituted society of dynamic men, healthy in body, cheerful in mind, strong in intellect and firm in spirit. Love and ambition were the compulsion that made him think beyond the fanciful realm of the magnificence offered by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).
Sushant Saxena had not the taint of commonness but had a distinction in his manner. His pursuit for the excellence always kept him on toes making him an industrious and laborious individual from the very beginning. A domicile of Lucknow, he passed his X & XII with 80% & 90.75% respectively. Thereafter, he prepared and cracked the Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE) and completed his B.Tech. with electronics and communications from Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati in 2001.
Behind his impish, sparkling eyes and a disarming boyish smile, Sushant Saxena is a man of simplicity and integrity. “You lose your concentration and woof, it goes out of your hand”, says Sushant Saxena in a telephonic interview. After passing out from IIT-Guwahati, he got a money-spinning offer from Phillip Software System, Bengaluru, but his larger than life attitude kept him moving and did not let him lose his focus to dream big for the society at large. He turned the offer down and streamlined his efforts and started preparing for civil services. With undying and relentless efforts, he cleared his Indian Police Services (I.P.S.) in the year 2005.
Sushant Saxena always believed in himself and his ability. He always wanted to work for the nation and do well to its people and so he diligently kept on working hard for it and he then after clearing I.P.S. finally got posted as Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) at Balaghat (Madhya Pradesh) and then moved to Tikamgarh as Superintendent of Police (S.P.). His tenure at Tikamgarh as an S.P. was a very challenging and a fruitful one as he faced and learnt many new things in dealing with people and also he encountered many situations which required spontaneity and vigilance for effective resolution of the problems.
The resolution of different problems at different towns might have taken Saxena aback but proclivity towards fulfilling his goals with passion and penchant to serve the people of India, kept faith and burning fire in him alive.
The horrendous situation that he faced in dealing with criminals and the ‘red-tapism’ that he set right are not by chance but derived out of his inner urge to serve the society with pure heart and clear mind.
“Success follows excellence”. One has to shun thoughts that are discouraging. Vague and negative thoughts are a hindrance and can negate one’s true and selfless intentions of achieving one’s goal. Discouraged by horrific circumstances and appalling situations, Mr. Saxena could have succumbed to the troubles in his personal and professional career but he took decisions bold and untainted from his heart and carried on with determination and dedication.
Currently, he is posted as the Superintendent of Police Shivpur, Madhya Pradesh and when asked to sum up his personality he quipped, “An ordinary man with ordinary set of strengths and weaknesses, who misses no opportunity to learn from the mistakes of life.
Devoured in honesty, truthfulness and sincerity, Saxena is a man of values and principles, who struggled to pave his own way that leads to selfless service of the mankind.

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