Abhishek Agrawal

Reso Roll No.: 4083, Batch: P1IIT-JEE, AIR- 2050|B.Tech., IIT-Bombay, (Civil Engineering) 2006Working as a Senior Analyst in HSBC Analytics, Bengaluru,

The vast majority of the success stories that are generally encountered come from simple and ordinary people with unenviable backgrounds. Yes, the only common thread they all had stood them apart, was their phenomenal confidence levels in their inner strength, an acquired ability to effectively communicate that very same confidence and above all a very positive attitude to see an opportunity where others saw a problem.
Abhishek Agrawal, one of such an ordinary boy, whose attitude towards life and deft handling of difficult situations made him create a difference when he cracked Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE) with All India Rank (AIR) 2050. He belongs to a business family and was first engineer from his whole family tree. He was also awarded merit certificate at Junior & Intermediate level in National Mathematics Olympiad Contest organized by the Delhi Association of Mathematics Teachers (DAMT). Abhishek was among the top 0.1 % of the students appeared in AISSCE and was awarded scholarship under National Scholarship Scheme.
He joined Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT-B) in the year 2002. He always had a passion for Physics, because of which till date he is deeply indebted to R.K.V Sir, as he expressed in his telephonic interview. He passed out from IIT-B with B.Tech. in Civil Engineering in the year 2006.
His Graduate Thesis, “Travel Demand Modeling using GIS Tools”, at IIT-B provided an insight into various steps implemented while defining land use patterns and planning transport facilities. It also dealt with the development of the Travel Demand Model and traffic analysis for IIT Bombay Campus. A transportation modeling software, TransCAD, was used for transportation planning and modeling. His project, “Innovation and Automation in Railway Transport System, D.I.T.I.C, Politechnico di Torino, Italy”, studied the underlying differences between the traditional and innovative aspects of railway transport systems. As part of the project, Abhishek visited institutions like that of such as Research Centre of FIAT in Torino, ALSTOM and traffic control centre of Torino, Italy.
He in July 2006, through campus placement joined Modelytics Inc., Bengaluru, as Analyst and continued with it till August 2007. He always believed in himself and strove hard to raise his efforts from mediocrity to excellence. On the job, he developed his capabilities in statistics and in the short span of time learned and implemented techniques like time-series loss forecasting model to predict the portfolio losses for a leading credit card issuer. He was also involved in developing ‘innovative collections strategy’ for a UK’s major credit card issuer by developing value based collections response model to target the potential customers.
Currently, he is working as a Senior Analyst in HSBC Analytics, Bengaluru, India. His profile primarily centers around developing strategies for credit card marketing business spread across north America and had also spent considerable amount of time in collections operational analytics team. During his stint at HSBC, he developed a structured statistical framework to benchmark internal collection centers performance gap. He was also instrumental in developing a decision framework which considers the NPV of a long term modification treatment in response to mortgage crisis.
Scientific aptitude with managerial ability inculcated at the time of the preparation for IIT-JEE and IITs brought in tremendous poise and capacity to lead. His role as a leader not only supported him but made him self- motivated. As part of Corporate Social Responsibility group at HSBC, he conceptualized and took initiatives to organize successful Blood donation drives since 2008 in tie-up with Rotary Blood Bank Bengaluru. He also involved himself in various initiatives taken by HSBC for AIDS affected kids during the year 2009-10.
In like manner, the choices of making things happen the best way in our lives lie dormant within all of us. All we need is the magical key to unlock the pent-up energies within.
“Attitude right; spirit alive can set our lives right”

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