‘How to reap the best’ — TIPS From — Reso Reaper

Name: Ankur Nahar
Reso Roll No: 817062
AIR: 4063

Q.1. What is required to get into Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)?

Ans: To get into IITs, one has to first clear the Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE). Patience, faithfulness towards one’s goal, ability to work hard, confidence and honesty can make one fully equipped to crack IIT-JEE and enter IITs. It is a tapasya of 1 or 2 years and if done with conviction can bear fruits of the efforts put in.

Q.2. How much time on an average did you devote for your preparation? What was your daily time table? How did you divide your course in those hours of study?

Ans: The study material provided at Resonance is adequate to study for
IIT-JEE. I never studied to complete any particular chapter; my basic emphasis was to study as long as I could with full concentration. According to me, Mathematics and Physics require more practice and so I used to work more for these two subjects.
I did not follow any fixed time-table and used to study after the completion of my coaching classes. I would brush up all the notes of any particular topic and then used to solve related problems. Then I would start with Daily Practice Problems (DPPs) as they are a great source of learning. Sheets also helped me gain a good knowledge base but if not skillfully managed with daily routine can mess up one’s routine.

Q.3. How many questions should an individual attempt to get into IITs? How tough is the paper?

Ans: I would suggest one should attempt all the questions so that one can score marks and can remain in the safe zone. Think, if the paper of 180 marks is attempted out of 480 then the probability of getting selected can be easily evaluated which will primarily be negative and so attempting complete paper is always good and safe. Accuracy matters a lot while answering the questions. The IIT-JEE paper is not tough but the pressure and the nervousness of taking it makes it tough so if that pressure is shunned, the paper becomes much easier than presumed.

Q.4. Give some tips for increasing one’s efficiency while studying? How did you refresh yourself from the hectic schedule?

Ans: Efficiency increases when one really wants to prove one’s potentials. When you get disheartened or doubtful of your success, just close your eyes and think of that person who dreams of your success and who will be happy for you if you successfully achieve your dreams. If you fail to sustain confidence on yourself then you should think of such an individual, faculty members or parents who desire to see you victorious.
Mistakes should never be ignored but should be sincerely catered to. Making mistakes is not bad but not improving on them and repeating them can prove fatal. One should practice and work hard on DPPs, sheets and the tests taken at the coaching institute to improvise. Always try to understand what kind of answer the examiner expects so that you can master the right technique to answer the paper and this in turn increases efficiency.
For refreshment, I preferred music, roaming about or talking to some friends who could motivate me.

Q.5. What is your Success mantra? Give some advice to your successors at Resonance who are preparing for IIT-JEE?

Ans: For success 3 things are important:
1.Hardwork 2.Faith 3.Honesty
In-spite of many failures, I continued to have faith in GOD, in my faculty members, in my study material, in my hard work and faith in my parents that they sent me to the right place to study and make my career. I always tried to be honest with my work and my commitment to get selected in IIT-JEE. One should always remember that one can fool anybody and everybody but cannot fool oneself. Lastly, hard work at every stage of life is necessary.
The study material provided by resonance is more than sufficient so unnecessary involvement to procure extra is futile. Take the tests and solve questions with the same spirit as that of the questions of IIT-JEE. Always remember and follow KABIL BANO, KAMYABI JAROOR MILEGI.

Q.6. What was your first reaction after giving the IIT-JEE examination? Which topic did you think should have been given more importance for the increase in your percentage or performance in JEE?

Ans: I just closed my eyes and thanked God, Almighty for always being there around me and supporting all my efforts. After taking IIT-JEE, I realized that I should have given more time to Mathematics and should have practiced more questions. Had I done this, I would certainly have scored much better.

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