The former state of Kotah forms the eastern part of Rajasthan.It  is surrounded by the former Indian states of Jaipur and Gwalior in the north, Bundi in the west , Udaipur, Jhalawar, Indore and Gwalior in the east. This eastern region is widely known as Hadoati or the land of Hadas. Hadaoti  comprises the old Hada states  of Bundi and Kotah. In 1948 Kotah had an area of 5688 sq. miles while Bundi 2220 sq. miles. Though Kotah started as an offshoot of Bundi in A.D.1624, it ultimately superseded in power, economy and cultural grandeur.Rao Madho singh was made the first independent ruler in A. D.1654 of Kotah and  it’s territory of 360 villages.

The city is an amazing juxtaposition of the majestic medieval age and untouched wealth of impressive forts, opulent palaces and splendid temples dating back over several centuries depicts its past glory.  Kota, which has been also known as agricultural heartland of Rajasthan, famous for Kota Stones, later transformed into an industrial city. But a strange phenomenon emerged in late ninties and it began to grow as a  centere  of excellence for coaching to aspirants to enter IITs.

The number of student selected for IIT–JEE from Kota was unbelievable and this became the national news. It was a beginning of new era in coaching. Earlier to that coaching was always taken as part time job. But this notion changed due to new, systematic & organized effort put by some of visionaries, who determined to put Kota on the world map of education. They adopted a well planed approach to enter in to coaching to guide students to get into most reputed institutions the  IITs.

With the boom in coaching, profession in Kota other ancillary business like Tiffin centers (mess), hotels & hostels have also started prospering. Finally, the slump in the industrial sector of Kota compelled the locals to find some other alternatives for their livelihood & they began to divert  themselves to cater the needs of thousands of students coming from outside by providing them suitable accommodation by running hostels in their houses or by starting Paying-guest system.

Unlike big cities, there are no chances of distraction and hence it provides a healthy and competitive environment of study for the students.

They can devote their maximum time in studies and focus on their target. Students preparing at Kota say that everything is available with in a walking distance and there are no avenues by which they can be distracted, rather every student seems concerned about studies only. As a result of which all around the coaching institutes, residential houses were turned into comfortable lodging and boarding places. Students hardly make any complaint as far as the facilities or in frastructure availability is concerned.

The coaching institutes undoubtedly work very hard right from the prepartion of the course material to delievering the techniques to the students to crack IIT–JEE.

Apart form rendering the educational support, the coaching institutes take various measures in all critical situtaions like a sudden illness to contain any deviation from studies. For instance they even hire the services of a visiting doctor. All this to add to the fair face of Kota.

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