IITian club | Vinod Khosla: The Rising Sun

Khosla, grew up in Delhi and completed his B. Tech at IIT Delhi. He attempted to start a company in India, a dream he had carried with him since the age of 15. He was frustrated by the experience and decided to pursue M.S. in Biomedical Sciences at Carnegie Mellon. He also obtained an MBA from Stanford University in 1979.

He wanted to work  for companies  that were started after 1976 and that had less than a hundred employees. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find a job which met the criteria and so he turned to the entrepreneur mode. With business partners from Stanford, he started Daisy Systems, a computer-aided engineering and Design company, which failed as the economics of the market went against it.

He looked for other opportunities and met up with Andreas Bechtolshiem, who had designed a work station at the Stanford University Network. He was licensing it to companies at $10,000 and Khosla convinced him to start a company to manufacture them. He pulled in two more of his friends and founded Sun Microsystems.

Soon he joined Kleiner Perkins, the firm that funded Sun as a general partner. As a partner at the venture firm of Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, Khosla is also in the business of fashioning companies and technologies.

He started off Cerent, one of the hottest startups, later acquired by Cisco for $ 6.9 billion. He assisted Pradeep Sidhu in the making of Juniper networks. Full of energy, Khosla, at 52, does more than what a
20 year old invidual normally does.

Mr. Vinod Khosla has announced the gift of 5 million dollars to IIT Delhi to make it world class with several new teaching and resource lines.

He is passionately concerned about how to impact the lives of millions of disadvantaged in India.
Having seen Hyderabad beggers who have built successful businesses of their own and have two storeyed houses to live in, working on the concept of Micro credit  system ,Khosla believes there can be a silent revolution in India, where entrepreneurs can be born from the poorest of poor, where the next generation can join the educated class. There is a ray of hope.

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