Time Management :

An Important Tool For IIT-JEE

Time is a unique commodity that is given equally to everyone regardless of any age or station. Time is a scare resource. It is important to know that all the work consumes time. Time once spent is irretrievable. Time controls and limits how we use our other resources. The subject of time management provides the reader with fascinating insight into traits and habit. Time management is generally perceived as being synonymous of flawless organization and very structured daily routine. It is an attitude of personal commitment and a diametric reordering of priorities and work habit. Time management does not provide mere solution to the management problem, it however, offers discretionary measures in which manager can find those solutions, plan for future and assess overall progress.
Time management is actually a self management. It is interesting that the skills we need to manage others are the same skills we need to manage ourselves with  ability to plan, delegate, organize direct and control. Most people become frustrated with a day that is unproductive. We would all like to get more done in a day. Practical ways of implementing time management techniques in a student life are :

Identify “best time” for studying : Everyone has high and low period of attention and concentration. Are you a “morning or a night person”. Use your power time to study; use the down time for routines.

Study the difficult subjects first : When you are fresh, you can process information more quickly and save time as a result. Study process should be interesting and one should make it interesting much as he or she can.

Make room for entertainment and relaxation : Study process should be always interesting so that you don’t get bored. In between take any light subject to relax yourself.

Use distributed learning and practice : Study in shorter time blocks with short break in between. This keeps you from getting fatigued and wasting time. This type of studying is efficient because while you are taking a break, the brain is still processing the information.

Make sure the surrounding is conducive to studying : This will allow you to reduce destruction, which can waste time. If there are times in the residence halls or your apartment when you know there will be noise and commotion, use that time for mindless tasks.

Make sure you have time to sleep and eat properly : Sleep is often an activity (or lack of activity) that student use as their time management “bank”. When they need few extra hours for studying or socializing, they withdraw few hours of sleep. Doing this makes the time they spend on studying less effective because they need a couple hours of clock time to get an hour of productive time. This is not a good way to manage yourself in relation to time.

Let your attitude always be positive : Never think that things are tough or out of your control. Always think about your success not of failure. If any of your friend comes to you and says that he is depressed than kick him out immediately because he will transfer this virus to you. Process of making an IITian is really not so easy. Because equation of an IITian can be :

Hundreds of sleepless nights + thousands of hard working days + thousands of lectures + thousands of challenging problems + hundreds of quizzes + lots of ups and downs + immense confidence + consistency + sincerity + self motivation + systematic approach, would go to make an IITan.

Time management is really self-management. The objective is not to be super-productive but to use time to achieve one’s objective to work smarter, nor harder. Many stumbling blocks exert in vain in gaining control of time.

Still things are in your hands because revision of course is the only thing, which makes a difference, and you can plan it in a better way to get best out of you.

Best of Luck !
Submitted By :
Khushi Sharma &
C.S.Sharma ( IIT, Bombay)

‘I  am  realistic,  I  expect  miracles.’   – Wayne Dyer

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