One is indeed wondered by wonders,
Out of the seven winsome wonders,
The joy, is also a wonderful wonder.
About which, when thought, one always wonders.

Its look is like a vibrant visage,
Always urging one to enjoy its delicious juices.
Blooming, beside Yamuna, like a flower,
It exhilarates one by pouring its serene shower.

Flushed with marvellous marbles,
Bestowed with nature’s beautification,
It proves object of admiration  not only for the nation,
But for the whole population.

When seen from every nook and  corner,
It is found feeding sweetest honey to the looker.
One is  lucky to get the beatitude of eden, inside;
Dreaming to enjoy, overdrive and reside.

Ah! what an architect? what an art?
How to describe ? From where to start?
The contribution of those greats,
Who made it one of the invaluable assets.
Hats off to their immortal love story,
Which became the stanchion of this growing, glowing glory.

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