Knowledge Pays Off

Who is the most expensive footballer?

In 2001, Zinedine Zidane transferred from the Italian club Juventus FC
to Real Madrid of Spain on a four – year contract. The transfer fee was
$66 million, making him the most expensive player in footballer history.
The 34 -year-old French captain, popularly known as Zizou, is
considered one the greatest players of this generation. He has said that
the 2006 World Cup will be his last in competitive football. He is retiring
from club football as well.

What is the difference between an atomic and a nuclear bomb?

Nuclear bombs are of two types – those that depend on fission, like
atomic bombs, and those that depend on fusion, like hydrogen bombs.
The former get their explodrogen bombs. The former get their explosive
energy from the splittings of atoms in materials like uranium of
plutonium, which takes place automatically. On the other hand,
hydrogen bombs, which are also known as thermonuclear bombs,
depend upon the fusing together of atom, as in taking place inour sun, to
release much vaster quantities of energy than  atomic bombs. The fusing
requires very high temperatures, hence atomic bombs are generally
used as triggers for hydrogen bombs. Hence, every atomic bomb, but
every nuclear bomb is not an atomic bomb.

Why don’t CDMA phone have SIM cards?

CDMA phones have phone numbers programmed in the handset just as
numbers are programmed in SIM cards by the operator. The latest
phones have both options. Since all CDMA phones are network locked,
there is no necessity for the SIM card provision. As GSM phones are
compatible with any operator, who provides the SIM card which
enables connectivity to the network. This makes the phone indepen
dent of the operator.

What is a caratometer?

Caratometer (sometimes spelt as caratometer) is an internationally
acclaimed device for checking the purity of gold. Most showrooms
across India use it. It’s is a non-destructive scientific method using
X-rays to give an exact reading of the purity of gold in about three
minutes. However, it only checks the purity of the gold on the top layer.
Other ways to acetoin the gold content include melting it down, the
touchstone method or XRF (x-ray fluorescence) method.

How does a Global Positioning System work (GPS)  work ?

The basic principle odf a GPS operation is that any point on Earth can be
located if it is monitored from four different locations. For this, the GPS
system uses 24 satellites in six different orbits at an altitude of 18,000
kms. So, at any time, any location is monitored by four different
satellites. The GPS device sends its signal to the four satellites, in turn,
send back the latitude, longitude and altitude of that particular location
by referring to its database.

What is beta testing ?

Typically, Software goes through two stages of testing before it is
considered finished. The first stage, called alpha testing, it often
performed only by users within the organization developing the
software. The second stage, called beta testing, generally involves a
limited number of external users. Beta testing is a formal process of
soliciting feedback on software still under development. Beta testing is
usually the last step a software developer takes before releasing the
product to market.

When was the first Indo-Pak cricket Test played ?

India played Pakistan from October 16, 1952 at the Ferozeshah Kotla in
Delhi to kick off the first-ever Test series. India was this  Test by an
innings and 70 runs to take the lead in the five- match series. While Lala
Amarnath captained India. A H kardar led the Pakistan side. This was
the beginning of a long and fierce battle for supremacy. Later this
month, this “war by other means” continues with India’s tour of

What is the mileage of F1 cars ?

For every 100 Kilometers, a 900 bph F1 car uses about 1,200 liters of
patrol during a Grand Prix weekend.

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