Trees Can Save Our Planet !

They’re God’s Gift

God decided to be creative,

Earthly, majestic and imaginative ,

So he made trees, you and me,

and all such lives that we can see,

But time and again the barbaric greedy hand,

has destroyed the trees of our land

Sometimes I feel so empty,

Trees less I see, bareness seems plenty,

They have so much to say,

that upon our ears does not fall

But if we are truly concerned about them,

do they really need words at all.

For our faith everything we do,

and for our greed, destruction too.

How long will we remain silent watchers,

of the inhumane acts of this nature.

The time has come to raise our united fist,

decry from our hearts the delusions of greed’s mist.

So I want to accentuate,

that cutting of trees we should abate,

And each one of us should plant a tree,

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