The milestone is far far away  as envisaged and ,
The journey that you have commenced just now
Is a perennial feature, never ending, never halting,
Nor ceasing till the life is in harness and existence
And you are meant for blending it with rhythm and fervor.

The moments that are incessant need continuity
And you are solely responsible
for keeping the momentum intact
Till the milestone is approached,
Your journey is not a singular campaign
And the entire world moves with you.

Your steps through the bushes, shrubs,
fields and river sides
Measure the distances to ultimately reach the destination,
Your determination, undeviating pledge and unfailing Mission
Are absolutely your property and,
Nothing can alter you from the path of truth and justice.

Mountain may be in front
Zigzag passage may be on the way
Many impediments and obstacles may
hinder you from surging ahead,
In all predicaments keep up the fighting attitude
And don’t give up nor bow your head.

The challenges are always there to risk the life and,
Dangers may be quite acute in nature,
Put everything at stake without caring
for the consequences,
The destined spot is bound to roll back nearer and nearer
And finally the milestone is achieved.

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