Invaluable Time

There are a lot of valuable things in this world – property, possessions, work and so forth. But the most valuable thing is time. Like an arrow shot from a bow, it never returns. It is something you cannot onto and it is impossible to recapture.
“Now” lasts only for an instant; by the time you have said “now”, that now has already passed and you will never be able to catch it again. That is the nature of time. It is precisely that nature that makes time so valuable. You can always get another job and you can always get new possessions, but you can never recapture time.
It is in the nature of youth to easily forget the value of time. Being young means that you have a lot of time ahead of you, so you might think that there is nothing wrong with wasting a little time. That is not the case, however. I compared time to an arrow to emphasize the fact that it never returns, but I also used that comparison to stress the fact that time flies, and it flies, and it flies as fast as an arrow.
Success and failure depend entirely on how you spend your time. Perhaps two people may succeed at the same thing, but of the two, the person who uses time wisely will be more successful in terms of the quality and amount success.
Days are too short for me. I wish they were 30 or 40 hours long.
A great deal of the driving force that propelled Resonance into what it is today is our respect for and use of time. Although at Resonance we began relatively late in comparison to Kota’s other coaching, our greatest powers are youth and time. Because we are young, we are creative, determined and oriented towards intellectual growth and expansion. Our rapid growth was possible because we knew the value of time and because we were willing to make sacrifices for the future.
A lot of people refer to our spectacular growth over the last 6 years as a miracle, but there are some people who are skeptical. What I have to say to such people, however is that we do not calculate in terms of 6 years.
We actually worked doubled the time of other coaching.
We often have meetings after work that last well into the night, so we wound up sleeping in same thoughts.
We worked hard, and twice as long as others, so in that sense we accomplished in 6 years what another would accomplish in 12 years. Any institution that worked as hard as we did could accomplish the same thing, and if they did not, there would be something wrong somewhere.
The day is 24 hours long for everybody. The difference lies in how you utilize those 24 hours. If a person works or studies three times longer than another person in a single day, then he is three days ahead of the other person. Of course, more important than the actual time volume is the quality of productive time in terms of the person’s life.
Use time wisely. Each moment comes only once, and something that comes only once is precious. More importantly, time, when you are young is more valuable, three or four times more valuable than time when you are old. How you spend your time as a youth determines the quality and standards for the rest of your life. youth determines the quality and standards for the rest of your life.
Life was sufficiently long, and if you used your time effectively, it was long enough to accomplish something great. But if you wasted life in dissipation and laziness, and did not live for something worthwhile, you would later realize that it was already too late. It was not that life was short by nature, but that we made it short by wasting time. Somebody can amass a fortune, but if he is not careful with it, he can lose it in an instant. Another person may have comparatively little, but if he is careful with it he can maintain it for a long time and even increase its value. The same Principle applies to time.
Life is too precious to waste. Always be doing something. There are not many things worse than wasting time and doing nothing. Do not take even a moment for granted, for things are built upon the accumulation of moments.
As young people, you should know how to invest time. An hour invested at your age can result in great dividends.
So invest all your sweat and effort. Use all of your time wisely. As I said before, there are many valuables in this life, but nothing is more valuable than time.

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