Reso Flight To Stanford

Ms. Amrita Mittal Reso Roll No. 112 (F1) Session 2001-03 IIT-JEE Rank – 1757 B.Tech.- IIT-Kanpur, 2007 Currently doing MS from Stanford university California (USA)

I hope you remember me. I was first in A and then F1 batch at Resonance from 2001-03. Ashna and I used to stay right opposite to Resonance’s first building. How are you? Hope you are very good. I have been trying to contact you and inform you about myself but couldn’t get your email id earlier. I have graduted from IIT K in Aerospace engg. this year and am now pursuing M.S. at Stanford university, California. I wish to thank you for providing me with the base of the platform that I today stand on. My family fondly remembers you and whenever I feel low, my mother often reminds me of you and your song, “ruk jaana nahi”. Thank you sir.

email sent by Ms. Amrita Mittal to Our Managing Director
RKV Sir at on 03.01.08.

Posted by Resowatch at 9:07 AM

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